Stainless Steel V-Plow Wing Skin from Sno-Way

Envision a blustery winter day, with a raging tempest absolutely slamming your area with snow and ice. One big issue: the wings of your plow are heavily rusted, severely hampering your snow-moving productivity. To avoid this scenario, a simple step can be taken, which involves investing in a new stainless wing skin for your plow.

June 5, 2024  | Staff Editor 

Not only does Sno-Way manufacture high-quality snow plows, but they also offer stainless steel skins for the 29 VHD models with both 8’6” and 9’6” flared wings. Stainless steel has always been more resistant to rusting compared to mild steel, and people appreciate its appealing look. It’s not just cosmetic; it’s better for standing up to the elements as well.

One of the standout features of the stainless steel wing skins is their versatility. Since this is a skin, it can be equipped to plows that are older and have accumulated a considerable amount of wear and tear. This way, you can provide new extra protection and conjure the illusion that your plow is newer than it is. 

The 29 VHD V-Plow, prior to the stainless-steel option, was already very structurally sound and well-liked. Adding a skin overlay to an existing powder-coated black wing is advantageous as the competition doesn’t do it that way. They either have a powder-coated mild steel wing, a stainless-steel wing, or a poly wing, which means more part numbers to keep track of and more inventory overhead. Keep in mind that the Sno-Way 29VHD flared wing v-plow can be purchased new from a dealer with the stainless-steel wing skin already installed and ready to roll.

The installation of the stainless-steel skin is simple. Pretty much anybody with ratchets or air tools can attach the skin. It gets sandwiched on the lower part of the wing, right between the cutting edge and the bottom of the blade, and then it bolts onto the top rail. 

Through Sno-Way’s adaptability and versatility, new innovations such as the stainless-steel wing skin are sure to enhance your plowing experience!

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