Spotlight On The Arctic Sectional Sno-Pusher

In this episode of SnowPlowNews, Mike Stevens talks with Randy Strait, inventor and designer of the unique and innovative Arctic Sectional Sno-Pusher.

Arctic Equipment Mfg Company is based in Frankfort, Illinois and they have a 144,000 sq ft manufacturing facility in Bradley, Illinois. Arctic is a manufacturer of innovative snow and ice removal equipment. That’s not all though. Arctic also has a commercial snow removal division. They have a fleet of 400 vehicles equipped with the Arctic Sectional Sno-Pusher. They’ve been in the snow and ice business for a long time and the introduction and use of the sectional plow has made their operation more profitable.



No More Re-Plowing Or Heavy Salting Missed PatchesArctic Sectional Sno-Pusher

According to Randy, he felt compelled to design the sectional plow because of his frustration with other snow plows. His experience was that other snow plows and pushers were slow, difficult to use and inefficient. When your one-piece blade is leaving too much snow behind, you’ve either got to go over it again with the plow or heavy salt it. Regardless, it’s more time and more expense. Salt is a necessity in wrangling with winter weather, but it cuts deep into the bottom line and needs to be used efficiently.

When the sectional snow pusher was outfitted on their equipment, they found it was paying for itself, sometimes within a year. The sectional plow comes in Compact, Light Duty, and Heavy Duty configurations.

Arctic Sectional Snow Plow Features

The Arctic sectional plow is likely one of the most proprietary plows on the market today and has the following feature:

1. Mechanical Side PanelsLD plow
2. Independent Moldboard Sections
3. Hardened Steel Shoes
4. Spring Loaded Trip Edges
5. Heavy Duty Cutting Edges
6. Patented Slip Hitch
7. Polyurethane Mounting Blocks

skidsteer plow

There’s a lot of engineering that goes into these plows. Every part is precision made and designed to be easily maintained and replaced if necessary. Many of these features are incorporated into the design in order to protect the equipment owners’ investment. The snow and ice industry can require some significant capital investment. The Arctic plow is designed with safeguards in place so when an unseen obstacle is hit, you won’t have to make a dentist appointment and you won’t have to worry about destroying your equipment.

Mechanical Side Panels

Arctic Mechanical Side PanelsThe mechanical side panels lift and rotate when it hits an obstacle. This protects the shoe from premature wear and tear. When the operator sets the plow on the ground, it lays flat every time regardless of the surface. Other plows may have difficulty sitting flat. The mechanical side panels work independently of the moldboard allowing the operator to scrape efficiently. This makes it effective at forward scraping or back-dragging. The operator can apply a tilt to the plow, with improved traction, and cut through the packed ice and snow in one pass.


Moldboard Features Independent Sections

Independent Sectional Moldboard features trip edgeEach section of the moldboard operates independently. When pockets of ice develop from ‘bird baths’ in the low places, the sectional plow is able to stay on the ground in those areas. It cuts right through instead of the one-piece design which teeters over the icy patches. The sectional pusher alleviates the need for heavy salting and/or re-plowing.


Sliphitch Provides Full Traction

SlipHitchThe slip hitch is engineered to provide drop and go technology. When you drop the plow, it’s in the proper position to plow immediately. The slip hitch eliminates drag and continuously adjusts to the pavement. You’ll never see the tires off the ground when the operator drops the box because the slip hitch moves up and down independently making adjustments to the surface.


Polyurethane Mounting Blocks

Mounting BlocksThe mounting blocks on the Arctic Sectional Snow Plow act as a fuse link. They are built using durable polyurethane so they bend and give. Instead of ruining your plow in the event of a major impact, the blocks bend and ultimately will break, like a fuse would, to preserve the plow. These blocks are relatively inexpensive and easy to replace if it’s ever necessary. Again, another design aspect made to protect your investment and insure quick fixes. You won’t have to use a torch on the sectional plow.

Spring Loaded Trip Edges

Each section edge is designed to trip when an obstacle is encountered. The maximum height for trip is nine inches. Hit a two inch manhole cover and the cutting edge flips back. Hit a seven inch obstacle and the whole section lifts to avoid the object. The other sections remain on the surface, continuing to cut the snow and ice at ground level.

According to Randy, they sell out of the sectional plow every year. Contact Arctic if you’d like to place an order. Use the following link if you’d like more information on the sectional plow or locate a dealer closest to you.

Brent Jarvis for SnowPlowNews