SnowWolf QuattroPlow: Four-in-One Snow Plow

Check out the SnowWolf QuattroPlow a 4 in 1 plow!. You’ll get greater flexibility, efficiency and effectiveness, all without any extra electric harnesses to hook up or additional controllers in your machine.

April 4, 2022 | Dawn Krueger

Check out the SnowWolf QuattroPlow. It gives you 4 functions all in one plow hook up: A snow pusher, an angle plow, a back dragging containment plow, and a wide angle plow!

Go from angle plowing, to straight plowing, to high-capacity pushing and lifting, to backdragging in a flash without ever leaving your machine! And here’s a total bonus: Enjoy a fifth function – wide-angle plowing by opening up the wings and extending your plow by 23 inches on each end in less than 60 seconds. The wings on the QuattroPlow operate automatically using only two hoses and couplers, just like an angle plow. You can move the wings all the way forward for pushing large amounts of snow, to the sides for regular plowing, or all the way back and straight for backdragging. This allows you to pull more snow backwards for a greater distance, so you can do it in fewer swipes and in less time.

QuattroPlows are universal skid steer compatible for 6,000-10,000 machinery. They come in multiple blade widths depending on your needs, and have 8.5 foot, 9.5 foot, 10.5 foot and 11.6 foot blade options. All QuattroPlows are 30 inches tall regardless of their width.

The QuattroPlow Smart Valve (a SnowWolf exclusive) is a hydraulic valve that controls the plow’swings without removing your hands from the controls. Angle right and hold for snowpusher position. Angle left and hold for wing plow or backdrag positions.

“The SnowWolf Quattro’s performance was phenomenal this season… We tested its efficiency at several different locations and each time it was increased by at least 25% over a standard plow truck with a v-blade. I would personally vouch for the Quattro to anyone who asked. Great investment even with the slow winter.”

– Tim W. from Grand Blanc, Michigan

Revolutionize the way you move snow – and your business – in the right directions with the QuattroPlow by SnowWolf.

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