SnowEx Plans to Dominate Snow and Ice Industry

Mike Stevens of Snow Plow News talks to Michael Frank of SnowEx about SnowEx’s plans for the future.

SnowEx has become bold, saying it intends to be one of the largest players in the snow and ice removal industry.

Indeed, SnowEx took a huge step forward into the snow and ice removal industry when they jumped into building snow plows for the market. Formerly, you only saw a SnowEx product on the back end of a truck, and now they want to be seen as a front end solution as well.

So now we know their plan to become one of the largest providers of snow and ice removal equipment in the industry. SnowEx is trying to leverage their name from its successful salt spreaders to move the company toward dominance in our industry.

They are focusing on innovative solutions to save the average contractor time and money, which means a healthier bottom line for the guys out their fighting mother nature every time there is a winter event. While the average contractor has the primary job of making the rest of the world safe from snow and ice, they are not charities, they still need to keep operating income more than operating outgo.

SnowEx is specifically targeting contractors who want something new and different to do their job more cost effectively, contractors not locked into the old way of thinking. SnowEx is sticking with their new slogan, “built on your terms,” trying to communicate they are listening to the market and are responding to what contractors want.

We see SnowEx jumping into the snow plow market as a necessary step to survive in an industry where the manufacturers have been consolidating into a smaller playing field. Will SnowEx’s strategy of innovation work? We will see as “innovation” seems to be one of the favorite buzz words in our industry, everyone saying they are the best because of the “innovation” they have used to make better products.

If SnowEx truly has innovation that provides greater value to the average contractor, we expect them to fulfill their goals, but if innovation is another “me to” strategy, their goals might be a little loftier than reality.

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