SnowDogg’s Focus on Maximum Flexibility

Bruce Schulte, with Buyer’s Products, lets Snow Plow News in on how SnowDogg is focusing on maximum flexibility with one truck.

January 14, 2022 | Emma Tyborski

The price and availability of steel is still pretty unstable in the industry, so people are trying to do more with less. Combining units of a better plow that can do multiple functions allows contractors to not have to be stuck with one old traditional type of product. The opportunity to have plows that perform different functions allows contractors to to be able to do more with less, especially with the cost of goods going up and employee shortages.

Buyers Products offers many types of snow plows, spreaders and truck accessories that make it easy to use one truck to complete different snow removal jobs. The SnowDogg v-plow allows you to be in different angles from a straight blade, to traditional blade and all the way to a true v-plow. This plow helps you to plow through snow and push it to the sides or if you want, to scoop it, so you can actually gather the snow and push it to the end of the street or parking lot. SnowDogg is utilizing the multi-purpose type function in all types of its plows to give their users the most flexibility with one plow.

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