Snowcaster Sidewalk Shovel Review

The Snowcaster sidewalk shovel allows you to cut a lot of time removing snow from sidewalks.  The Snowcaster basically took the design of a snow plow blade and applied it to a shovel.  About as quickly as you can walk, the Snowcaster shoves snow to the side of the clearing path, and it does a nice job cleaning down to the concrete. 

The Snowcaster was made to be both extremely easy to use and durable.  It is geared toward the contractor market which can easily justify the slightly higher price because of the money saved in reduced labor expense.  Many people report the time it takes to remove from sidewalks is only ½ to 1/3 of the time that it used to take with an ordinary shovel. 

You will likely still use a snow thrower with deep or heavy, wet snows, but you will save enough time with this shovel on the lighter snows that they can pay for themselves in just a single lighter snow event that requires snow removal from sidewalks.

Snowcaster model 80snc

Manufactured in the USA by ECA Enterprises, the Snowcaster shovel will transform the way you approach snow removal. They have models from 7.5” H X 36” W to 10.5” H X 48” W.  ECA Enterprises also has traditional push shovels available.  Of interest to contractors, replacement blades are available, so you don’t have to replace the whole shovel when the blade shows excessive wear.