Snow Plows for Your John Deere Gator UTV

UTVs are hard-working and versatile vehicles, and the John Deere Gator UTV is no exception. Snow Plow News has reviewed and selected some outstanding snow plows that will make your John Deere Gator UTV ready for any snow job.

August 5, 2021 | Emma Tyborski

Sno-Way UTV Plows

Sno-Way has designed the UTV Trip-Edge 6′ Straight Plow for the UTV market. This plow blade is constructed with Sno-Way’s Triple-Coat Protection to prevent corrosion and provide a tough exterior for harsh elements. This fully hydraulic 6-foot straight plow has a Tab-Slot and Lock construction that makes all the structural components link together, as well as an integrated swing frame on the blade. This plow also features the patented RS Controller system that allows the operator to make adjustments to the blade configuration on the fly! The reinforced blade structure is engineered to provide a product built to last.

Sno-Way has also designed the UTV Flared V-Plow Series 6′ V for the UTV market. This is a fully hydraulic 6-foot V-plow that provides maximum force in the forward or back hydraulic position. This plow also features a spring return for a quick response. The UTV Flared V-Plow is 291 lbs, so it is strong enough for tough winter jobs, but light enough for a UTV. This v-plow mounts on many brands of UTV and has an available remote to reduce wiring that mounts on the dash. When the plow is removed from the UTV, only the mounting system remains under the UTV, providing excellent ground clearance and easy on and easy off. The UTV Flared V-Plow Series 6′ V is designed with Sno-Way’s Ground Hugger™ blade to transfer pressure from the snow to the blade, forcing the blade downward.

SnowDogg UTV Plows

The SnowDogg VUT UTV Snow Plow is comprised of corrosion resistant 304 stainless steel moldboard, three laser-cut steel ribs, 1/4 in. abrasion-resistant AR400 steel cutting edge, aggressive 70° attack angle, and narrows to a 60 in. width in V position to navigate tight spaces. This plow is also equipped with a dual foot pedal mounting system for easy attachment. Each wing has an independent trip edge to protect the blade from hidden curbs and obstacles without dumping the snow. The powerful 1-1/2 in. lift cylinder, double-acting 1-1/2 in. angle cylinders for powerful back dragging, fully enclosed 2 HP hydraulic power unit and hefty 3/8 in. rubber hoses are all components you can rely on. This plow also features intuitive in-cab controls that are simple to use, one-handed controls that put all plow functions in the palm of your hand. Wire reinforced blade guides also come standard on this snow plow.
The SnowDogg MUT UTV Snow Plow is comprised of a 304 stainless steel moldboard that is corrosion resistant, six laser-cut steel ribs, full-length 1-3/8 in. cross tube, 1/4 in. cutting edge, and an aggressive 70° attack angle. This plow is easy to attach with the dual foot pedal mounting system. The MUT UTV snow plow is also equipped with two stress-optimized trip spring to protect the plow from hidden curbs and obstacles. From the heavy duty lift frame to the fully enclosed hydraulic power unit, the SnowDogg MUT is built to endure whatever winter throws at it. This plow also has some great accessories included like the intuitive in-cab controls are simple to use even with gloves on, and wire reinforced blade guides also come standard.

Western UTV Plows

The Western IMPACT™ Mid-Duty UTV Straight Blade Plows perfectly fit sidewalks with the 5’6″ width and the 6’0” size is great for wider areas/driveways. The IMPACT™ Mid-Duty straight blade snow plow features a 14-gauge powder coated steel moldboard that is 5’6″ or 6’0″ wide and a standard 5″ steel cutting edge, perfect for plowing sidewalks and driveways. This plow also has four vertical ribs and high-strength, low alloy steel construction, as well as two heavy-duty coil springs to protect your plow and UTV when striking obstacles. The patent-pending SWAY-FRAME™ DESIGN allows the blade to shift side-to-side, ensuring the blades stay aligned with the wheel track. This plow also has a specifically designed fully enclosed hydraulic system that allows the operator to position the plow left, right, up, down, or float from inside the cab, while also protecting the components from the elements.

Western also manufactures the IMPACT™ Heavy-Duty UTV V-Plow & Straight Blade Snow Plows. Hooking up the IMPACT v-plow or straight blade is simple. With the receiver brackets installed on your utility vehicle, either drive in or manually push the plow into the receivers. Detaching the plow is just as easy. The receivers are removable, to maintain ground clearance. The IMPACT Heavy-Duty UTV plows have fast and responsive hydraulic systems, ensuring their reliability. A standard feature on these plows is the Scrape Lock system that holds the blade down for more efficient scraping and back dragging.

The IMPACT straight blade UTV plow features a 14-gauge powder coated steel moldboard that is 6′ wide and a standard 5″ steel cutting edge. Four vertical ribs and high-strength, low-weight, alloy steel components ensure the plow is strong enough and light enough for UTVs. Two heavy-duty coil springs protect the plow and UTV by allowing the blade to trip when striking obstacles.

The IMPACT flared v-plow blades go from a 25¼” center height to a full 29¼” at the outer edge. The 14-gauge powder coated steel flared moldboard is 6′ wide and comes with a 5″ high-carbon steel cutting edge, reducing wear on the blade. Six vertical ribs, with high-strength, low-weight, alloy steel components keep stress off of the UTV frame. The plow has an independent trip-edge design to protect the plow, vehicle and operator whether in V, scoop or straight blade configuration. The UltraLock double-acting cylinders are a standard feature on the IMPACT UTV v-plow. This feature allows the operator to use the v-plow in straight blade mode by locking the wings together and the double-acting cylinders also hold the wings firmly in place for efficient back dragging.

For more information on snow plows for your UTV or truck, check out Snow Plow News.

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