Snow Plow Prep Package- Why It’s Essential

An ever-increasing number of companies are turning to offering plow prep packages. In the grand scheme of things, plow prep packages benefit the user, the equipment involved, and the company offering the package. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the importance of plow prep packages, as in, what exactly they are, why they are important, and current package offers on the market.

May 22, 2024 | Staff Editor 

In short, a snow plow prep package is a set of truck modification offerings that can make life easier for the user and ensure longevity for the truck. These packages may include components such as beefed-up machinery and accessories to help handle the potentially immense weight of a snowplow, sometimes exceeding 1000 pounds. The goal of this is to ensure the front of the truck is strengthened through additional electrical and mechanical means, since the weight distribution is thrown off due to the addition of a plow. Furthermore, snow plow prep packages contain other helpful parts, including but not limited to de-icing components, increased shielding to protect the truck from ice and debris, extra heating elements, and options for lighting modifications.

Other than providing a multitude of structural and accessory benefits, plow prep packages have more benefits than what meets the eye. A main consideration is that through purchasing a plow prep package, the user can avoid having a warranty voided. What this means is basically if there are unapproved modifications on a truck, the manufacturer can void the warranty in the case that something were to happen. By having a plow prep package, which is still a set of safe, custom modifications provided by a company, the manufacturer will be required to oblige by the warranty, no matter what happens. Quite obviously relating to this is plow prep packages are custom-fit for the truck that is being purchased. This leaves out the guesswork of adding modifications that may damage the truck, machinery, or even the plow itself. If the package is more expensive up front, money will more than likely be saved in the long run.

    There are an ever-increasing variety of plow prep packages to choose from offered by popular companies. For example, one such plow package offered for $250 by Ford includes heavy-duty springs and an uprated alternator to help assist with the added pressure of a plow potentially weighing up to 1,400 pounds. There is also an option for accessories not included in the plow package that Ford would recommend and offers , such as a preheating windshield wiper de-icer, a heated steering wheel, heated rear and front seats, and white or amber LED strobe lights.

Meanwhile, Ram offers a plow prep package for $195 that includes a 220-amp alternator, wiring for a snow plow and a rear power sliding window with a defroster, and a truck-side plow wiring harness.

Chevrolet/GMC offers a plow prep package that includes options such as an upgrade of the front torsion bar, engine and generator upgrades, emergency light mounts, and plow skid plate options. Read more on Chevy’s Streamlined Snow Plow Prep for Silverado Medium Duty Trucks. 

Hopefully after reading this, extra consideration will be given towards investing in a plow prep package. If anything, although these packages have a degree of variance depending on the company offering, they all will help ensure a safe and productive plowing season through new innovations and modifications. The choice is yours!

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