Snow is still coming this season in the Rockies & Midwest

This week’s big snow forecast shifted dramatically at the last minute, but there was still plenty of snow – just further south than expected earlier. What’s next? Some lake effect snow hits the Upper Midwest and the Northeast on Thursday and Friday. Then more activity kicks up on the Rockies on Sunday and early next week. After that warmer temperatures will setup a rainy pattern for the eastern half of the country.

2/25/20 Weather Forecast from Neoweather

All the hype about the huge winter storm set to dump on the Upper Midwest on Tuesday and Wednesday changed quite a bit late in the game. There was still significant snow for some areas, but it hit much further south than expected and some areas received little to no snow instead. This snow storm will circulate from Illinois, Indiana, Northwest Ohio, with Southwest Michigan getting the bulk of it. Then it moves on into Southern Ontario and Quebec, Canada. As it moves northeast and hits much colder air, the snow will really get heavy. That cold air really causes the storm to sit and spin too, making for a pretty decent snow event. It wraps up in New England with a fair amount of snow. The southern edges of this system will see a fair amount of rain instead of snow and even thunderstorms.

Midwest Snowstorm Map from Neoweather
Midwest Snowstorm Map from Neoweather

Lake effect now will roll in after the action and Thursday and might hang on for a few days off and on. This is due to lots of moisture in the low pressure system still circulating around as the week wraps up.

A new system is expected to develop across the west starting on Sunday. That will bring smaller pockets of some snow in colder areas and rain in other regions as it moves east across the country early next week. It won’t be as cold next week so those systems are expected to be mostly rain.

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