Snow is No Challenge for the Avalanche Optimus Pusher

Looking for a big daddy to push snow around even when the ground is not level? Check out Avalanche’s Optimus pusher. It has been around for years and continues to be their top-end snow pusher with a sectional cutting edge, floating blades and self-leveling wear shoes. Each of the two foot blade sections float independently, allowing the whole cutting edge to contour to uneven ground without driver input.

Avalanche Optimus Snow Pusher with Sectional Edge

Floating receivers and self-leveling shoes make the operator’s job easier, and because only the blades float, you can stack snow with an Optimus just like you would with a regular box plow. Each individual trip section adjusts in height in response to the gradient of the ground, ensuring that the blade is in constant contact with the plowing surface. Blade flotation on the high-end Optimus model works on steel compression springs.  Far stronger than the poly blocks used on other sectional type plows. The unique Optimus design gives sophisticated blade performance, without compromising the build strength. Braced side panels and a fi xed moldboard maintain structural integrity. The Avalanche Optimus combines strength and sophistication to allow “one-pass” cleaning every time.

Avalanche Optimus Snow Pusher
Avalanche Optimus Snow Pusher

Why get an Optimus? Steel blades are level, but parking lots are not! Don’t leave snow behind to be forced to make extra passes to do a job well done. Check out the Optimus snow pusher for your next piece of equipment! It comes in blade sizes from 10-24 feet.