Snow in the South?! Dust Off Those Snowplows!

Well well well, look who’s getting some snow this week… Tennessee and the Carolinas! That’s right! It’s your turn to get a little taste of the wintery weather while the rest of the country gets a little break. Don’t worry, things will get back to “normal” quickly and the snow won’t last long. Check out the details from Brian Ivey at Neoweather below.

Week of 2/18/20 Forecast from Neoweather

While most of the country gets a needed break from the snow, a system kicks up on the back side of the Rockies that covers Kansas and Missouri on Wednesday and Thursday. That system catches the jet stream and moves east (not northeast) and gives the Tennessee Valley a real blast of winter. A rare snow system is expected to cover Tennesee and the Carolinas on Friday. Not that it NEVER happens, it’s just that it hasn’t happened yet this year so dust off your snowplows and ice spreaders y’all, it’s GO time! An arctic blast comes down on Thursday night and Friday to help create that snow with widespread temps in the thirties.

2/20/20 Forecast Map: Snow in Tennessee and the Carolinas
2/20/20 Forecast Map: Snow in Tennessee and the Carolinas

That system push out by Friday night and on Saturday most of the country until Sunday when a system on the backside of the Rockies in the Denver area breaks out and changes to rain as it moves east. Early next week that rainmaker will cover the Lower Midwest. As it moves northeast and becomes very widespread it may turn into snow for the North and Upper Midwest, especially around the Great Lakes on Tuesday.

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