Introducing the New Interactive Snow Forecast Map!

Interactive Snow Forecast MapKnowing your need for information about the next snowfall, we have created an interactive snow forecast map with help from the NOAA maps so you can know exactly when you will get hit with the next snow.  No need to try to catch the news and no checking multiple different zip codes on a weather site to get a sense of how much snow each part of your territory will get, just hop on over to our map!

You can change the amount of snow you want to see forecast, how far out you want to look and the minimum probability of snow; the map tells you what you need to know.  Want to know where 2+ inches are expected in the next 24 hours?  You can do that!  How about how much snow is going to fall in the next 72 hours with a better than 90% probability?  You can get that too.  Oh, you want the ice forecast instead?  This map has you covered!

You can leave it on the page or go ahead and click on that “View larger map” button for the best viewing.   Just play with the settings on top and click the “Get Map” button on the far right.

Interactive Snow Forecast Map 2

We have been working for a little while now to get you this map on our site, and honestly, we think it is better than cool.  We can just imagine some of you out there putting it up on your 60” TV in the office so everyone can see the map of incoming snow all day long.

We hope you enjoy the map as much as we do and be sure to bookmark the page so you can visit the map every day during the season.  If you do put it up on a big screen, be sure to send us a picture so we can show everyone on our Facebook page and be sure to send all your friends a link to the page as well.

Written by staff writer Jeff Serafin