Snow Contractor Shares His Industry Knowledge of 30 Years

Kevin McLaren has been in the snow industry for over 30 years and he shares some of his knowledge with Snow Plow News.

February 14, 2022 | Emma Tyborski

Kevin McLaren, with Green Earth, has learned a tremendous amount being a snow contractor for over 30 years and shares what he believe to be the best tips to navigating the snow and ice industry.


McLaren has seen a shift in recent years to focus on the cost of materials verses supply. McLaren believes having a supply of materials in a difficult winter season is more important than saving a little on the cost of materials. Finding a supplier with payment terms that are Net 60 or Net 90 days in the winter, rather than Net 15 or Net 30 terms is important when trying to focus on supply and availability.


Having a great relationship with sub-contractors is also important. Sub-contractors are an extension of  your fleet, so treating them like part of the team or an employee makes the work relationship stronger. Another note McLaren makes is to ensure sub-contractors are protected from liability and risk when you are making decisions.


Lastly, McLaren advised contractors to have reliable and supportive suppliers, primarily on the equipment side. Being able to rely on suppliers when a part breaks or there is an issue, can make all the difference in whether you can complete a snow job in a timely manner. McLaren also advises that having local supplier contacts you can get equipment from quickly, is more important than saving money on products by driving miles out of the way.

Hopefully these tips help you to have a more successful business and snow season!

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