Sno-Way’s V Plow Takes the Hits and Saves the UTV

The Sno-Way UTV V plow has a powerful appetite for snow and small spaces! This V plow also can handle tough jobs and can protect your UTV in the process.

March 18, 2022 | Dawn Krueger

Sno-Way UTV V-Plow

The UTV V Plow made by Sno-Way International has high strength steel and a trip-edge design that takes the hit that uneven surfaces like sidewalks often cause and protect the UTV from sudden jolts. The heavy-duty springs and trip edge keep the UTV from getting that brutal hit. The blade height is 24″ inside and 28″ outside with a cutting edge of 1/4″ x 4-1/2″. It also has a convenient drive-in mount system.

This bad boy has a powerful appetite for snow! It is a fully hydraulic 6 foot wide V plow that works well with the needs of plowing with a UTV on sidewalks and in small spaces. It uses the same mounting system found on Sno-Way’s straight plows that are proven and reliable. This V plow goes on and off easily regardless of the ground clearance. A “Ground Hugger” blade design transfers pressure from all the snow and forces the blade downward for optimal cleaning of surfaces. When the plow is removed from the UTV, only the mounting system stays in place under it.

A UTV V Plow that’s Made to Last

Sno-Way’s UTV Flared V Plow is tough, made with tube steel/tab-slot and lock construction. With tab-slot and lock construction, the structural components fully link together so you get the maximum load force absorption available with weldments. It also has triple coated protection from corrosion and a patented Shock-Killer™ trip return system for protection from hits. This plow is built to last!

Available V Plow Accessories

Sno-Way V Plow Wireless Controller

There’s a sweet wireless controller for this plow that reduces the need for connectors that could get ripped off from the snow and ice. Sno-Way’s patented wireless Pro Control™ II plow control can be mounted just about anywhere. It’s also easy to operate with either hand.

Sno-Way also offers a E-Z fit snow deflector for optimal deflection and snow-rolling, as well as a plow shoes and a durable urethane-coated, polyester cover.

Sno-Way UTV Snowplow Video

Check out the complete video from Snow Plow News where Terry Wendorff discusses the trip edge feature of Sno-Way’s V Plow below.

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