Sno-Way Classic 8 Foot V-Plow for Half-Ton Trucks

Sno-Way V Plow for a Half Ton Truck

Only one company in the Snow and Ice Industry makes 8 foot v-plows for 1/2 ton trucks and that is Sno-Way. In the last few years a few companies have launched a v-plow for 1/2 ton trucks. This makes sense as 1/2 ton trucks are among the most popular vehicles (let alone trucks) in the US.

The challenge with producing a v-plow for 1/2 ton trucks is there is too much weight hanging off of the front end. Most people just opt for a straight blade or a straight blade with wings, but Sno-Way is really trying to wow the 1/2 ton market with a v-plow and their “Revolution” plow (a plow that uses hydraulics to utilize adjustable wings).

What Sno-Way does differently than everyone else is use Grade 50 and Grade 80 steel which takes less steel yet provides the same strength that the cheap steal other manufacturers use. It is this stronger steel that allows Sno-Way to build an 8 foot wide v-plow that doesn’t break your truck.

This v-plow comes with the Down Pressure system, which adds 200 pounds of down force on the cutting edge. This is essential for back-dragging comes or maintaining control while you are trying to quickly clear a lot. You can use their integrated programmable controllers to work your plow and spreader from the one-handheld controller with your favorite settings programmed into the system.

The product line you see here is called the Classic Series and is currently available through all Sno-Way dealers.

You can find a Sno-Way Dealer here.

Sno-Way Classic V-Plow for 1/2 Ton Trucks Video

Watch the full video explaining more details about this awesome plow below.

You can find out more about the Sno-Way 26V snow plow for 1/2 trucks on the Sno-Way website.

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