Sno-Way Intl. New Products 2015-2016

In this episode, Mike Stevens of Snow Plow News talks with Jeff Hess of Sno-Way Intl. about this season’s product line updates for Sno-Way.

New Sno-Way Plows

This year Sno-Way has extended their line of Revolution series plows to fit on ½ ton trucks. The Revolution plow series is the innovative line of plows from Sno-Way that allows you to switch from a straight blade to a box plow plus any number of different configurations by managing the hydraulically operated wings with the touch of a button on the hand-held control.

These plows come with their patented down pressure technology that keeps 250 pounds of force on the blade edge to get a cleaner surface than any other plow and at faster speeds too. (We know, we have tried Sno-Way’s Down Pressure, it actually makes for cleaner and quicker plowing.)

Sno-Way has also redesigned its largest contractor plow which can be installed on anything from class 5 trucks down to most ¾ ton trucks. These blades are designed with the ability to use their E-Z switch wings that literally took us only seconds to swap out when we tried changing the wings.

New Sno-Way Controller

The new controller they came out with this year replaces their controller design which was released in 2009. We love how the controller operates both your plow and your receiver spreader at the same time.

New Sno-Way Specialty Products

Of course, Sno-Way is really pleased with what it has available for the UTV and skid steer markets. The Skid Steer plows take full size plows using standard attachment plates making for easy on and easy off.

The UTV plows have been a strong product for Sno-Way as those little plows make it easier for maintenance professionals and contractors to clear off sidewalks and narrow drives. It is surprising how quickly a little UTV can clear a large area using a plow.

You can also check out our video on Sno-Way’s new Poly V-Box spreaders as well.

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