Sno Power Pull Plow Review

Will Fries, owner of Xtreme Fab, gave us a tour of the Sno Power Pull Plow.  A pull plow is mounted on the back of your truck which is exactly where trucks are designed to take a lot of weight.  These plows were inspired by farm implements many years ago and allow you to gain some additional efficiencies.

Used as a stand-alone plow or in conjunction with a plow on the front-end, they can move a lot of snow.  The Sno Power can clear a path up to 16 feet wide or you can use it to windrow and scoop going forward or backward.   Sno Power claims most trucks need no alterations are needed on most trucks to install this plow.

The Sno Power snow plow has features like a wireless controller, LED lights, and quick attach.  The hitch is actually an universal hitch with 5-point connection system and a 2-pin release for ease of use. IT is meant to attach to 5th wheel rails and the receiver hitch.  The hydraulic controls allow for 180-degree adjustment to the wings.

Rear plows have seen more popularity for people who plow only one or two lots in the Midwest, but Will thinks the 16’ rear plow is a game changer, allowing you to clean a lot of snow fast since it is twice as wide as your average truck plow, and you can use it in a box configuration to move large piles of snow.

Watch the video to see what else Fries has to say.