Sno-Power Delivers Performance and Efficiency with Their New Plow

Snow Plow News talks with Rick Weihl from Sno-Power about the all new F-Series Front Plow and what makes it unique.

December 7, 2022 | Emma Tyborski

Sno-Power has been providing the best snow removal equipment in the industry for the over three decades. Proudly built in the USA, all metal fabrication and assembly of Sno-Power products take place “in house” at their Muskegon, Michigan campus—ensuring top quality of all production components. Patented designs have established the Sno-Power brand as the “must have” in the snow and ice management field.

Sno-Power products are designed to safely clear snow on the first pass, while providing superior cushioning and protection from damage against bumps and curbs. Developed by plow drivers for plow drivers, Sno-Power builds equipment with features that improve efficiency and reduce downtime.

Sno-Power first released its revolutionary HW16 rear plow and its patented universal hitch system, and now introduces a new line of front plows that delivers performance and efficiency beyond anything you’ve ever seen. You simply won’t find this patented technology on any other plow!

The F-Series Front Plows feature a patented nitrogen-based downward force and pressure that ensures a clean scrape and acts as a shock absorber. This plow features an advanced pneudraulic system, which means the cylinders used are half nitrogen and half hydraulic. The nitrogen is the force that pulls the wings back in, so it replaces traditional springs. The use of nitrogen is a faster and more consistent way to power plow wings.

The F-Series Front Plow also features six inch active cutting edges that follow the terrain, so the blade is always touching the pavement, which provides a cleaner scrap and saves on salt usage. This plow also comes standard with a lightbar and snow deflector.

Sno-Power offers a 12 and 14 foot model of the F-Series. This plow weighs 1200 pounds, so it is built for 3/4 ton and larger trucks. Another unique feature of this plow is its ability to attach to four different brands, Boss, Fisher, Western and SnowEx. Sno-Power has really thought of it all with this plow!

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