SN 9001 Protects and Prepares Snow and Ice Contractors

ISO 9001:2008 Seal

(This is a guest post by Drew Markley, Director of Sales and Marketing at Smithers Quality Assessments.  Views and opinions may or may not agree with those of Snow Plow News and Mr. Markley is solely responsible for the derivation of the content.)

With the winter season in full swing, it’s important for snow and ice management companies to protect themselves from litigation claims that could arise during the slippery months. More and more companies are being proactive by becoming SN 9001 certified. SN 9001 certification helps to protect companies and provide needed documentation in case of liability claims.

SN 9001 certification builds upon ISO fundamentals and puts in place a unique quality management system tailored to the needs of snow and ice management services. While documentation is very important, the process of becoming SN 9001 certified isn’t as difficult as it may seem. In fact, contractors are surprised to find that they often have over 80 percent of the documentation already completed. For contractors making the decision to become SN 9001 certified, there are several facets to expect:

The Documents and Audit:

  • Documents compile the company’s policies and procedures
  • Audits verify the processes and work to ensure that the company upholds the outlined quality management system
  • A quality management system aims to ensure that the needs of the customers are met while enhancing overall customer satisfaction

The Certification:

  • Provides a process for maintaining the required documentation
  • Provides best practices that help contractors be prepared in the event of a liability claim
  • Reduces losses and insurance premiums in the event of slip-and-fall litigation
  • Gives the company the ability to waive litigation cases more frequently

Further Benefits of Certification:

  • Key performance indicators (KPI) are established and help identify patterns in customer retention
  • Allows the company to expand and respond quickly to shifts in business ventures
  • Strengthens company credibility
  • Increases overall customer experience
  • Enhances supplier-customer satisfaction
  • Increases efficiency of labor at all points

Additionally, initial observation has shown an increase in dismissed slip-and-fall claims according to the Accredited Snow Contractors Association (ASCA). Some ASCA members have seen significant reductions in insurance premiums after ISO certification, however, these benefits are not promised.

Sneller Snow Systems highly recommends certification and sourcing Smithers Quality Assessments as an auditor. “Even if the snow management company has been doing great work on a property, if the property owner or manager can’t show documented proof that they performed their due diligence, it puts them in a bad situation where they have a much higher likelihood of paying out tens of thousands of dollars to settle a claim,” explains Dan Sneller, VP of Sales and Marketing, Sneller Snow Systems. “It’s better to be prepared now and be assured through the certification that the company you’re working with does in fact have the verifiable documentation.”

Learn more about why Sneller pursued SN 9001 certification and the process the company went through in this video.

SN 9001 certification is an investment that reaps significant benefits in the long run. An increasing amount of snow and ice management services are pursuing certification, which ultimately increases their value as a trusted vendor.

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Drew Markley is Director of Sales and Marketing at Smithers Quality Assessments.

Smithers Quality Assessments is an Akron, OH-based accredited quality and environmental management systems certification body founded in 1993 and serves small and large industrial, commercial, government and services businesses in North America and Europe.