Small Walt – About Time There Was A Book About Us Again

Snow fighters get too little attention, so we were pleased to see a recent book written dedicated to the hard-working folks that keep the streets and walkways safe.

In the tradition of Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel, we now have Small Walt.  Small Walt is a UTV who tackles a blizzard just as well as all the heavy trucks can!

Technical Specs:

Name: Small Walt

Vehicle Type: UTV

Plow Type: V-Plow

Salt Spreader Type: Custom made under tailgate spreader

Performance Rating:

  • Walks and Trails: Excellent
  • City Streets: Good for narrow streets and alleys, adequate for all other city streets
  • Highways: Not Recommended

Other Notes: Performs well on steep grades

We did some product testing, (yup, we read it to our kids) and we found the results using this snow fighting product fast and clean (fast read and the kids had clean fun!).  This is definitely a great Christmas gift for any kids and grand-kids of snow-fighters protecting your local community from the hazards of winter.  (How to get your copy is toward the bottom of the post.)

As you would expect, the story starts with Small Walt getting marginalized as “too small,” but Gus believes in Small Walt.  The two snow-fighters get out there to kick some winter tail and showed the big plows a thing or two.  Small Walt even knows our language saying, “snow-fighters work all-nighters,” and continues working no matter what obstacles lie ahead.

The story ends as it should (IMHO), with Small Walt the snow fighter having victory over the blizzard and earning the respect of the big boys because we all know it takes the whole team to protect average citizens from the hazards of winter, be it the main drives or the little sidewalks.  Everything needs to be to be clean and safe and pros know it takes a wide range of equipment and a lot of people to keep the city safe.

We also wanted to add…while “Small Walt” looks a lot like a mini Walter Snow Fighter, we found out the author actually knew nothing about the Walter line of plows while writing the book.

If you are old school, you may even remember the Walter Snow-Fighters (message us on Facebook if you remember when Walter stopped building their snow fighters, was it 1988?).  The Walter Snow-Fighters were often found where there was a lot of snow, like in Michigan’s UP and Oneida County in New York.

You can buy Small Walt in lots of places, like you can get a copy on, Barnes & Noble, or your local bookstore.  Just to be clear, Snow Plow News will NOT make any money off of your purchase…we just liked the book.

Small Walt

Written by Elizabeth Verdick & Illustrated by Marc Rosenthal

S&S/Paula Wiseman

Publication date: October 31st, 2017|ISBN: 9781481448451| $17.99 |Ages 4-8

Elizabeth Verdick has written more than thirty books for toddlers to teens. Her recent picture book, Peep Leap, was a finalist for the Minnesota Book Award. She is a graduate of the Hamline University MFA program and a teaching artist at the Loft Literary Center in Minneapolis. Learn more at

Marc Rosenthal is the New York Times bestselling illustrator of many books for children, including I Must Have BoboI’ll Save You Bobo, and Bobo the Sailor Man, all by Eileen Rosenthal; The Straight Line Wonder by Mem Fox; and Phooey, which he wrote. Marc’s illustrations can be seen regularly in The New YorkerTimeForbesFortuneThe AtlanticThe New York TimesThe Boston Globe, The Washington Post, and others. Visit him online at