See the Hiniker V Plow Advantages

Mark Miller from Hiniker gave us the low down on why he thinks Hiniker V plows are the best at the 2020 NTEA Work Truck Show. See his list of advantages below!

Hiniker V Plow Advantages

Hiniker uses heavy duty construction to make a long lasting plow. One highlight is the chrome allow curb guards and wear bars that provide extensive protection from damage and premature wear to extend the cutting edge life of your plow. With the chrome alloy, you’re expected to get twice the life out of your cutting edge when compared to similar V plows. This will lower your replacement costs, maintenance expenses, and down time.

Next, the Lift Link System is a great advantage over a lift chain because it eliminates bounce when traveling down the road from job to job. Not only does this extend the life of your plow, but it is also a safer design that is more reliable than simply having a chain.

Hiniker V Plow Lift Link System
Hiniker V Plow Lift Link System

Finally, one of the other advantages of the Hiniker V Plow is the intuitive controller. Hiniker gets excellent feedback on how easy these controllers are to use. It’s not a touchpad, you can control everything with only your thumb. Crews say it’s easy to hold in your hand while driving. You can perform all the V plow functions with only your thumb, whether you need to scoop, vee, angle right, angle left, raise or lower the plow.

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