Rounds of Snow Sit & Spin in Midwest

Instead of today’s system kicking across the Midwest into the Northeast, it’s going to sit and spin for a while over the U.P., Wisconsin, Northern Illinois and parts of Minnesota. If the temperatures are high enough, this could produce some serious snow, but it’s not likely. Areas like Chicago will be in the mid-thirties, so a lot of accumulation isn’t likely, especially on pavement.

1/22/20 Weather Forecast Video from Neoweather

The winds that are normally there to push systems east aren’t there, so that’s why we’re getting the sit and spin action over the upper Midwest. We expect the system to bring 2-8 inches of snowfall hitting Chicago the hardest, but how much of it sticks to the ground is really dependent upon the temperatures in that area and the ground temperature. While you’ll need to get the plows out for clean up, we don’t expect it to be an all-nighter.

1/22/20 Snowfall Forecast Map from Neoweather
1/22/20 Snowfall Forecast Map from Neoweather

After the system is done spining in the Midwest it is expected to breeze over Ohio when the winds kick up again and hit the Northeast on Saturday and Sunday. It COULD turn into a decent system over New England this weekend producing up to 10 inches of snow in higher terrains or if the cold air moves down. Some lake effect snow is expected on the tail of this system on Sunday and Monday, but how much will depend on the cold air too.

1/20/20 warmer weather pattern mapMonday we re-focus our attention on the Pacific Northwest for lots of rain in the coastal areas that creates some snow in the higher terrains as it moves west. In the mid-Mississippi Valley up into the Ohio Valley, we expect another warm up that will produce mostly rain at the beginning of next week. So much for the big pattern change we’ve been hoping for to keep the cold air locked in! Looks like more above average temperatures are on the way! Instead of wrapping January up with below average temperatures, looks like we’ll see well ABOVE average temperatures instead. Southern Canada is brewing up more transient warmth that will be the culprit for warmer weather the rest of the month.

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