Revolutionary Snowplow Blades from Kueper (Küper)

Kueper (Küper) is setting new standards in snow plow blades with its Tuca SX Wave flexible carbide snowplow blade and its GK5 abrasion-resistant rubber-ceramic blade. These blades last up to 8-10 times longer than traditional blades! Kueper has been making snow plow products for over 40 years, but if you haven’t heard much about them it’s because they are relatively new to the North American markets. Learn more about these products here on Snow Plow News!

Kueper Tuca SX Wave Carbide Snowplow Blade

The Tuca SX Wave flexible carbide snow plow blade from Kueper is a state-of-the-art, high performance blade designed for long term use. It’s not just rubber and it’s not just steel – it’s both! This blade is incredibly durable and optimally flexible because it has separate tungsten holders embedded in rubber and vulcanized between front and rear steel plates. The rubber/carbide combination helps the Kueper Tuca SX Wave stand up to just about any road surface encountered while plowing, without damaging the road or parking lot surface. Simply put it’s a super combination blade for all types of snowplows and hard road surfaces (not recommended for gravel or dirt roads).

Kueper (Küper) Tuca SX Wave Carbide & Rubber Snowplow Blade
Kueper Tuca SX Wave carbide & rubber snowplow blade

Kueper GK5 Snow Plow Blade

Looking for a snow plow blade that offers extreme surface protection? The Kueper (Küper) GK5 abrasion resistant rubber-ceramic snow plow blade is your answer. This blade will protect surfaces more than steel blades and keep your plow from jumping on dry paved road surfaces. The GK5 blade is a low-noise snowplow blade made of rubber with ceramic inserts that give it an elastic design that adapts perfectly to every paved surface. It is the ideal solution for removing snow in areas that require pavement and plow protection.

 Kueper (Küper) GK5 rubber & ceramic snowplow blade
Kueper (Küper) GK5 rubber & ceramic snowplow blade

This is the only rubber blade that won’t jump when used on dry surfaces — an absolute must for operations. The highly elastic materials, embedded ceramic inlays and specially curved steel fastening neck ensure excellent results while protecting the surface of the road and cleaning very well. If you need to plow surfaces with decorative surfaces, markings or paint that need to be protected, this is the blade for you (not for use on gravel or dirt roads). It comes in standard three or four foot sections punched 12 inches on center. However, custom sizes and punches are also available.