Review of SnoWay Poly V-Box Spreader

Mike Stevens of Snow Plow News talks to Jeffrey Hess of Sno-Way Intl. about their Poly V-Box Spreader Line.

While we have known Sno-Way to come early to market with many industry innovations, the opposite is true for their Poly V-Box Spreader. Years after the first poly v-box was introduced, Sno-Way took their time to design something they knew the market was going to love.

Driving a Cadillac at Chevy Prices

They have priced their unit to compete with the generic style poly v-box spreaders yet they bring several design features to the table that you would expect on a higher end spreader. We are glad they did their homework.

Sno-Way calls their product line PDE (Poly Dual Electric). The units have not one, but two independently working electric motors, one to run the spinner, and one to run the auger, allowing you to run both independently so you can get the amount of material and the spread that you want, which is what contractors expect.

An important benefit of these spreaders is the augur has a self clearing feature. If the auger ever gets jammed from foreign debris in your salt or salt mix, the auger automatically reverses and then moves forward trying to free the blockage. If the auger can’t free the blockage, the unit shuts down to protect the motor from damage.

Like the most of the premium stainless steel spreaders, this poly v-box has the removable tailgate shoot. Being able to remove the shoot comes in handy if you need to transport the unit on a trailer and also makes for quick and easy storage. Another benefit of the removable shoot is if you want to remove the material out of the spreader, the job goes super fast once the back- end is removed, sending salt out as fast as pouring water.

The Little Innovations Make a Difference

One feature we noticed but did not capture on the video are bolt holes to make it a snap to align the spreader in the center of the bed and to help with blocking the spreader in place. These little design features Sno-Way is known for can be a huge savings to you, in this case eliminating the time and hassle of positioning the spreader in “just the right position” on your truck.

The Sno-Way spreaders come in 8 foot (1.5 cu. yd), 6 foot (.75 cu. yd), and 5 foot (.5 cu. yd) sizes. The 8 foot is what most of you want on your truck, while the 5 foot works for those of you with little trucks or larger UTV’s.

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