Review of the New Hiniker Torsion-Trip Scoop Plow

Bob at Hiniker showed us their new Torsion-Trip Scoop Plow.  It is a scoop plow with 20° fixed-angle outer ends to capture snow so you can push a lot of snow all at once.  Hiniker built the plow to still allow full angling, giving you the opportunity to windrow if you want as well.

Hiniker Scoop Plow mounted on a truck pushing a pile of snow

You can buy the plow with 8’ or 9’ blades.  It has a full width steel cutting edge (also available with a rubber cutting edge).  Since it is a trip-edge blade on a scoop plow, the edge is broken into three independent sections.  Each section can trip independently if you hit an object while plowing.

Hiniker Scoop Plow Trip Section

Hiniker wanted to keep the focus on an easy to manufacture and easy to use plow.  They use their quick-hitch system for the plow and hooking it up should be a breeze.  The controls are simple, and it doesn’t carry a whole lot of bells and whistles.  It is a great plow for someone who wants a basic plow that moves a lot of snow.