Review of SnowEx Liqui Maxx Brine Sprayer

Mike Stevens of Snow Plow News talks to Michael Frank of SnowEx about their

Luqui Maxx Product Line.

SnowEx introduced their Liqui Maxx Brine application system at the last NTEA show. An extension of their dry application electric salt spreader line, the Liqui Maxx is made to get brine application into the hands of medium and large commercial snow and ice removal operations.

We all know brine solutions are superior for de-icing and reduces salt usage as well.  SnowEx is trying to help the average contractor get into the brine application market.

With tanks as small as 300 gallons, anything that can handle as little as 1.5 tons can carry this brine application system. For bigger trucks, they have tanks up to a 1250 gallon capacity. That is good news for contractors of all sizes as most of you will have at least one truck you can install the Liqui Maxx system onto.

Honestly, we were impressed with some of the technology they put into it. The boom for the application has an 8′ wide main spray area, plus each wing can spray an additional 8′, making for a total of 24′ of application area.

Yet the real beauty is in the control system. The spray pattern can be adjusted from within the cab to independently run each wing and the main spray area, so you are spraying brine exclusively on areas that need application.

SnowEx did not stop there. You can have the cab control with GPS speed sensors, which automatically adjusts application quantities for your current speed. No more adjusting application rates as you speed up and slow down, rather impressive.

Other benefits of the SnowEx Liqui Maxx would include the elliptical tanks for a low center of gravity for improved vehicle control and safety, different nozzles for different spray patterns and flow control, a poly boom to so it won’t deteriorate from the brine, and a wet sealed, filtered pump for long lasting quality.

So, yes, the Liqui Maxx got our interest as we reckon it has your interest as well.

SnowEx also has brine mixing and brine storage solutions as they strive to give you an all in one service for creating and applying brine. With salt costs continuing to go up, environmental costs going up, and the need for faster deicing going up, SnowEx might be your future choice for deicing solutions.

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