Buyers Products MD & VMD Snow Plows

We talked to Scott Moorman, Director of Engineering at Buyers Products to review their new Gen 2 MD & MDV snow plows.

The SnowDogg MD and VMD series plows are for ½ ton to ¾ ton trucks and are meant for light to medium duty use, which means this plow is targeted at home owners and businesses with smaller parking lots.  In reality, Buyers Products also knows that some folks are using their ½ ton or ¾ ton truck for commercial use, attacking larger parking lots and residential routes with fifty or more driveways.

Knowing the full range of use the MD series of plows sees, Buyers Products wanted to keep the durability and affordability of their medium duty snow plows, but now incorporate some of the benefits they engineered into their Gen 2 series of full-size plows.  Two years after the first release of Gen 2 products, Buyers Products is introducing the Gen 2 advancements into their medium duty plows.

Many of the Gen 2 features are meant to increase durability in cost effective ways, but the Gen 2 version of the MD and VMD snow plows also has an easier to use mount system plus some added aesthetic features to make you proud to see a SnowDogg MD plow on the front of your truck. Buyers Products has worked hard to earn a reputation for durable snow plows at economy prices, and they think the Gen 2 is another step in the right direction with more durability for their popular MD and VMD snow plows while maintaining value prices.