Review & Compare Snow Plows: Western VS Hiniker

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You’ll find some excellent tools at Snow Plow News for keeping up with snow and ice industry news, reviews, weather, equipment and more! One of the great tools you’ll find for choosing a snow plow is our snow plow comparison charts. Let’s use that tool now to examine some of the big guns in the world of snow plows.

Snowplow Manufacturer Comparison Categories

In this series of comparisons, we’ll take a look at the combined ratings of all snow plow offerings listed on SnowPlowNews by each of the major snow plow manufacturers. The categories Snow Plow News examines to determine a SnowPlowNews Rating are as follows:

  1. Multiple Plow Specs
  2. Features
  3. Size
  4. Price – the price range provided should only be used as a general rule of thumb. We cannot be certain of actual market pricing as that will vary from area to area as well as dealer to dealer.
  5. Moving Capacity – this is intended to give you a general idea of snow moving capacity. This is based on the size and style of plow.
  6. Warranty

A high ranking does not constitute a product endorsement by Snow Plow News.

Today’s Snow Plow News Match-up Pits Western VS Hiniker Snowplows

We’ve taken the numbers from each category and compared them to find out which snowplows have the higher Snow Plow News rating.

SnowPlowNews has ratings for 12 models of Western and 15 models of Hiniker snow plows, including straight steel, straight poly, and V-plows.

Western Snow Plow Results

The following chart indicates the numbers for Western snow plows.

Western Plow graphic



















The Western straight plows averaged: 53.33

Western v-plows averaged: 56.67

We took the average SPN ratings for Western snow plows to come up with a final score of: 54.17

Hiniker Snow Plow Results

The following chart indicates the numbers for Hiniker snow plows.

Hiniker Plow graphic





















The Hiniker straight plows averaged: 51.64

Hiniker v-plows averaged: 60.75

We took the average SPN ratings for Hiniker snow plows to come up with a final score of: 54.07


Comparing Price, Warranty, and Moving Capacity

The Hiniker snow plows tend to be priced slightly less on average than Western, but again this will depend on multiple variables.

Hiniker scores a 2.26 out of 6 on price and offers a 2-year warranty on their snow plows.

Western scores an average of 3.42 out of 6 on price and offers a 2-year warranty on their snow plows.

On Moving Capacity, Western comes out ahead with a 3.58 out of 6 score.  Hiniker scores a 3.42 out of 6.

Again, very close.

In Our Western VS Hiniker Snow Plow Battle, There’s No Clear Winner

In our limited comparison formulas, it looks like Western wins the SPN ratings battle on paper, with a margin of victory of 0.10, but it’s hard say there’s a clear winner. Hiniker comes out ahead on price and Western outperforms on Moving Capacity. Both Manufacturers have a 2-year warranty on their products. On paper, it appears both Western and Hiniker v-plows outperform the straight plows and as you might expect are more expensive.

The standout for Western seems to be the Wide Out Snow Plow which comes away with a Snow Plow News Rating of 66. It boasts a 5/6 Moving Capacity rating and is 5/6 on Price making it Western’s best performer on paper and most expensive.

The Hiniker standout is their model 9960 poly blade v-plow with a 114 inch blade width. It scored a Snow Plow News Rating of 65 with a 5/6 Moving Capacity and middle of the road 3/6 on Price.

Of course, this is a battle on paper. In the real world where the snow is flying, a lot of other important factors come into play.

Other Real World Variables To Consider When Purchasing A Snow Plow

1. Dealers
2. Mounting
3. Innovation
4. Non-truck applications

When you’re considering a snowplow, your relationship with the dealer is a big deal. Does your dealer have a reputation for being open during snowstorms? Do they carry a large assortment of parts on hand or can they get them fast? Do they have a service department with a good reputation? When you’re out in blinding snow and a part breaks on the plow, you want to know it can be fixed fast.

Mounting is also a concern. Will you have to leave the plows on the trucks all winter because it’s such a headache to dismount and re-mount the plow to the truck? Are hookups a one man job or do they require a team and a skidsteer?

Innovation is a popular term amongst manufacturers. Everyone wants to be known for being out front and ahead of the competition. Design and engineering are key elements to a well-built, quality snowplow. Take the time to investigate some of our videos and articles to see for yourself. What are some of the small tweaks and design innovations built into the plows.

Non-truck plows are a popular item right now. Many contractors will have a UTV, skidsteer, or loader in the fleet depending on the size of the operation. Why let your UTV or skidsteer sit on the sidelines during winter when it could be outfitted to perform year round. It puts more blades on the snow, makes efficient use of your tools and brings home more money.

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Brent Jarvis for SnowPlowNews