Record SnowFall… Gone?

Snow accumulation amounts in Pennsylvania are being adjusted. This comes several months after Erie received what they thought was the largest snowfall in state history.

The National Weather Service out of Cleveland looked into the extreme weather event further and discovered a large discrepancy. There were significant snow amount differences between the official totals at Erie International Airport compared to other snow spotters just a few miles away.

A State Climate Extremes Committee was formed and double-checked the snow accumulation measurement practices. They said Erie did not get anywhere near as much snow during the Christmas lake effect storm. Eighteen inches! Yes, 18″ of snow was shaved off from the record books. Other storm systems later in the 2017/2018 winter were also adjusted lower.

When all said and done the seasonal snowfall total was changed from 198.5″ to 166.3″. This mammoth 32″ change still easily beat out the local Erie record for the most snow in a season. BUT the Pennsylvania state snowfall record is still secure.