RAM Truck Dedicated Snowplow Lighting Wiring

It’s important that we not only get the plow we need for the jobs we need to do, but also make sure that our trucks have the right capabilities. RAM Truck has been working on a dedicated lighting wiring for snowplows. Their commercial vehicle team specializes in interfacing with the upfitters that modify vehicles to do what they need to do.

The dedicated lighting wiring is an important feature because snowplows essentially try to emulate the truck lights. When you plug the snowplow lights in, the truck lights turn off and the snowplow lights take over. RAM Truck’s team wants to give you the best experience between your truck and plow.

Same Concept, Better Process

In the past, this same process was done by tapping in the truck wiring. However, RAM Truck is always thinking ahead, so with this dedicated lighting wiring, the wires are for the snowplow. They run relays and then the snowplow manufactures can connect them and the relay driver circuits don’t need to know or care what’s happening with the rest of the truck.

This great feature for plows eliminates guess work and trying to emulate wiring on your truck. RAM Truck’s dedicated lighting wiring provides an easy integration for your snowplow and truck.