Plow Markers from Winter Products

You know that plow markers are an essential part of any plow. and yet too many plow markers are made so poorly that they don’t last very long. Maybe Winter Products has the answer for us?

They claim their plow markers are “virtually indestructible.” With what is inside, we can see why. They basically used plastic coated galvanized steel aircraft cable (check out the image at the bottom of the post). You can see in the video that these plow markers will take a lot of beating and other than getting a little bent out of shape, they stay in good condition throughout their punishment.

If you are new to plowing, you should know good plow markers are essential to help show you where the edges of your plow are. Good plow markers are important because they need to withstand wind, snow, ice, and more. It is frustrating to be out plowing, 30 miles from home, and have a plow marker snap off on you. While you can vow you will never buy a cheap plow marker again, you are still stuck with no plow marker now.

Even if you are a municipality and the shop is only 15 minutes away, you still don’t want to stop to install a new plow marker, so having plow markers that are going to last a long time under punishing conditions is important.

Watch the video to see the plow markers go through some punishment. If nothing else, you may find it therapeutic to watch these plow markers go through the wringer.

Plow Markers from Winter Products with view of the cable inside