You probably don’t need us to tell you that you can lower your operating costs and be more environmentally friendly by using less salt. That’s a no brainer. But finding the right equipment for your specific needs can be tough. That’s where Buyers Products can help with their SaltDogg liquid deicing system. They are all built to order no matter what size tank you need or type of drive you’d like – they can help. Why Use Liquid Anti-Icing / … Read more Liquid Deicing Option Lowers Costs & Ice Melt Usage

Show your company’s support for breast cancer research and help a great cause all at the same time! Fisher Engineering and SnowEx are partnering up in October to raise money and awareness for breast cancer with a PINK plow and accessories promotion this month. During the whole month of October, Fisher Engineering is selling very cool limited-edition pink Fisher XV2 v-plows and lift arm kits. These babies will turn heads! Plus they are donating $100 from the sale of each pink plow … Read more Limited Edition Pink Plows for Breast Cancer Awareness

The BOSS Snowrator is a 4 foot hydraulic snowplow that helps contractors clean up sidewalks in a snap. It has gotten a lot of buzz because many contractors have said it will help replace 3-5 shovelers. Since it’s so hard to find good employees, this thing is a God-send! It will plow and salt all in one pass if you add a BOSS drop spreader or broadcast spreader, plus it comes with a brine tank in the belly too so … Read more The BOSS Snowrator Lowers Your Labor Needs!

The Meyer Power Box by Meyer Products in Ohio will go to any length to clear snow! This versatile box plow goes from 8-12 feet wide (and anywhere in between) by using hydraulically controlled wings. Change the width based on the job, the conditions or the obstacles on the job site that you need to work around. Being retractable also makes it a safe width to drive this plow on a tractor, compact wheel loader or skid steer to a … Read more Save Time with Meyer’s Expandable Box Plow

Get ready for true fall weather this week! Take a look as heavy rains move across the U.S. during the next 10-14 days. Starting from portions of New Mexico and moving up into the Plains of the Ohio Valley and Midwest. This front will move across to the Northeast bringing much cooler temperatures and sometimes significant rainfall. Cold air following the snowstorm last weekend will persist in the Northwest and Northern Rockys area. Then brace yourself as cold air swings … Read more Goodbye Heat, Hello Cold: Plower Forecast 10/1/19

Minimize your financial risks against the never-ending problem of unpredictable weather by checking out weather insurance. Spectrum Weather Insurance has a meteorologist on staff to help customers assess the impact that too much or too little snow will have on their business. They can write up a cost containment / revenue stabilization insurance policy to put your mind at ease and protect your snow and ice management company from outrageous weather. Weather Insurance Options There are a few types of … Read more Weather Insurance: Whether You Get Too Much or Too Little Snow – You’re Covered!

The UTV V Plow made by Sno-Way International has high strength steel and a trip-edge design that takes the hit that uneven surfaces like sidewalks often cause and protect the UTV from sudden jolts. The heavy duty springs and trip edge keep the UTV from getting that brutal hit. The blade height is 24″ inside and 28″ outside with a cutting edge of 1/4″ x 4-1/2″. It also has a convenient drive in mount system. This bad boy has a … Read more Sno-Way’s V Plow Takes the Hits and Saves the UTV

Now we don’t want to sound cocky, and hopefully you know us well enough after 15+ years to know that we don’t outright boast very often… But we thought it’s important to share what industry leaders are saying about the benefits they get from advertising at Snow Plow News (SPN) and from using the news we share. We work hard to update you nearly EVERY DAY with the latest snow and ice management news, forecasts, services, product reviews, snow jobs, … Read more Snow Contractors Rave About Snow Plow News!

The variation in temperatures and forecasts across the U.S. for this weekend and into next week are incredible. You could say Mother Nature has a bit of a spit personality! This weekend kicks off with unseasonably warm temperatures across the Ohio Valley, Great Lakes and Southwest. We’re talking weather in the 80’s and no major cool downs at night. In fact, it’s dry and unseasonably warm across most of the Lower Midwest and South and it will stay that way … Read more MAJOR Temperature Changes on the Way

It’s time to take winter weather preparation seriously if you are located in Montana. The U.S. National Weather Service and private weather forecasting services like Neoweather are predicting a early-winter snow and ice storm will hit large parts of Montana Saturday morning, September 28, 2019 and Sunday, September 29, 2019. Forecasters are predicting several inches of snow, dangerous winds and blowing, record cold temperatures, hazardous travel conditions, life-threatening backcountry conditions, downed trees and power lines, and damage to crops based … Read more Early Winter Storm Hitting Montana this Weekend!