John Slawson from Berlon Industries shares how he appreciates Snow Plow News (SPN) for reaching his target market of snow plow contractors. With a list of over 50,000 subscribers, SPN gives the snow and ice industry a very cost effective way to reach their ideal audience. “Snow Plow News provides a great service. What an incredible customer list,” said Berlon CEO John Slawson, “it’s a great way for contractors and suppliers to be able to connect with customers.” Snow Plow … Read more What Berlon Thinks of Snow Plow News

Don’t let the calendar fool you – it may say November but Mother Nature is serving up a whopping taste of January weather for most of the country this week and next. The fun starts tomorrow for the Upper Midwest when snow stretches from Minneapolis down into Chicagoland. It will be wet and heavy as it moves east. But the real fun comes from the multiple blasts of cold air that pummel the north and northeastern half of the country … Read more Forget Fall – Hello Winter: Plower Forecast 11/5/19

Besides the name, what makes Volvo motor graders different from other snow and ice equipment manufacturers? It starts with the transmission. Volvo gives you a choice of either a standard 8 speed or an optional 11 speed transmission that will give you lower gears for fine grading applications and higher gears for times when faster speeds are important in any of their seven motor graders. Unlike competitors, Volvo also mounts their transmission in the front of the machine under the … Read more What Makes Volvo Machines Different?

Check out the JCB snow and ice equipment tour! YES JCB is a Wisconsin-based dealer committed to new and used construction equipment sales, equipment rentals, service & parts. They’ll show you one of their unique, skid steers with a side door, one of their UTVs and a Telehandler that can stack snow up to 23 feet high. First there’s the “world’s safest skid steer” that has a side door for getting in and out of the cab with total ease. … Read more Meet the YES JCB Skid Steer, UTV & Telehandler

Brian Ivey from Neoweather explains how they use Snow Plow News for their marketing efforts and how it’s been extremely effective for them in recent years for reaching snow and ice management professionals directly. Brian feels that Snow Plow News attracts a lot of suppliers, contractors and vendors because it focuses on what’s new in the snow and ice world. Following Snow Plow News on their website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube channel and emails will give you a ton of product … Read more Neoweather – SPN is Our Secret Marketing Weapon

Kueper (Küper) is setting new standards in snow plow blades with its Tuca SX Wave flexible carbide snowplow blade and its GK5 abrasion-resistant rubber-ceramic blade. These blades last up to 8-10 times longer than traditional blades! Kueper has been making snow plow products for over 40 years, but if you haven’t heard much about them it’s because they are relatively new to the North American markets. Learn more about these products here on Snow Plow News! Kueper Tuca SX Wave … Read more Revolutionary Snowplow Blades from Kueper (Küper)

Let the games begin! Up until now our only real snow events have been in the Upper Rockies, Montana and North Dakota this year. That all changes today – if you live in the Midwest, you know that already! Early winter is hitting the Midwest and is likely to extend into Kansas City, Chicago, Wisconsin, Michigan, and over the Great Lakes. A strong system is forming over the Rockies that is cruising across the middle of the country with a … Read more Ending October with Snow & Cold: Plower Forecast 10/29/19

If you haven’t already checked out the Fisher Storm Boxx Pusher Plow, it’s time to give this one a serious look. This bad boy was made for moving big snow! The Storm Boxx steel edge pusher plow comes in 8′ and 10′ widths and has an enhanced, heavy-duty blade design that has a steel trip-edge for clean scraping. The 10-gauge steel moldboards give it superior strength and this plow measures 32 1/2″ tall with an optimized 63-degree angle of attack. … Read more Fisher Storm Boxx Pusher Plow: Go Big or Go Home!

Finding the right snow plow for your vehicle from Buyers Products is now easier than ever! They recently announced that they now have a website landing page that allows users to quickly find a snow plow that fits their exact vehicle! Just enter your vehicle make, model and year, along with a few other key details and their website will display the plows that are available for a perfect fit! Once you select a plow, you can request local pricing … Read more Buyers Products Launches New Plow Finder Tool

Since 1965 EarthWay has been a family-owned and operated trusted salt spreader manufacturer. They make both commercial and professional grade spreaders. Their Flex-Select spreaders are very interesting because they have an interchangeable tray insert that allows for one spreader to handle multiple products. EarthWay’s Flex-Select spreaders are ideal for all broadcast spreading jobs, plus they are manufactured with either a single-tube “Diamond Design” commercial stainless steel chassis or a powder coat chassis. Customers can also choose between their commercial grade height adjustable … Read more Interchangeable Earthway Flex-Select Salt Spreaders