Only about 35% of the United States Population are in states that account for 65% of the snow and ice removal spend. While every state gets snow or ice during some winters (even Hawaii gets snow on the top of some mountains), it certainly isn’t a level playing field. New York Biggest Consumer of Snow Removal The northeastern states (New York and states east of New York) have the highest snow and ice revenues, but that is mostly because New … Read more 66% of Snow and Ice for 35% of the Population

EZ-Launch EFI Brings more Power and Control Ariens Company is releasing what they call their EZ-Launch EFI engine this year.  Why should you care?  More control, less fuel, longer life, easier operation, and 73 tons of snow per hour might get you interested.  They are the first we know of to use an electronic governor on a snow thrower engine to equip you with the ultimate snow thrower for commercial use.  Let us break down why their new engine boasts … Read more 73 Tons of Snow an Hour

You have heard that you should check your smoke alarm batteries at the time change in fall, and remember to check your equipment batteries now too.  Waiting for the snow to fly is not when you want to think about getting new batteries. If you are running a snow plow and an electric spreader, you put a lot of strain on your truck batteries.  Just because your truck starts in the cold does not mean your truck battery is up … Read more Daylight Savings Ends – Check Your Batteries

November 2, 2016 Milwaukee – Much of the United States and southern Canada have enjoyed mild temperatures since September.  Yes, there have been a few brief shots of cold and light snow east of the Rockies, but not many.  Many Canadian cities enjoyed the mild temperatures in October, too.  The only cities east of the Rockies to experience colder than average temperatures were Calgary and Edmonton.  Here is a chart of the October warmth: City October 2016 Temp (°C) Normal … Read more An End to Our Mild Fall Weather

New Controller Improves Performance of Sno-Way Poly V-Box Spreader Sno-Way International has announced the introduction of a new controller for their poly v-box spreaders.  This innovative new controller allows for independent control of the auger and the spinner for greater precision in spreading the salt, sand, or whatever you would like to load your spreader with. There are also push button controls for the vibrator option as well as the optional light.  If you like a wetting system to combine … Read more Sno-Way Intl. Introduces New Spreader Controller

Milwaukee – Fall has been quite mild for most of the United States.  In fact, September east of the Rockies was one of the warmest for many locations (Fig. 1).  In the image below, the light orange to dark orange divisions east of the Rockies were above average to warmest on record.  The mild weather has continued in October with many locations seeing a late frost, if it has even happened. Fig. 1 September Temp Rankings   Not every fall … Read more October Isn’t Always This Nice

Berlon Industries is rolling out a new snow auger attachment for fast snow removal in hard to reach places. Dubbed the Snowger, it is designed to sneak under trailers and other areas to safely and quickly remove snow. The idea came to Elliot Pennock when he noticed how difficult it was to clear snow from under semi-trailers, especially with snow pushers and plows. To solve that problem, Pennock came up with the Snowger, which looks like a box plow with … Read more Berlon Auger for Fast Snow Removal in Hard to Reach Places

Milwaukee – The original weak La Niña forecast earlier this summer was reinforced by the monthly ENSO outlook released Thursday, October 13th.  The latest forecast reversed the September Neutral outlook.  The September forecast was a low confidence 55 to 60% Neutral outlook.  It has now been replaced by a 70% confidence La Niña outlook.  A flip flop in the forecast was not a surprise and we discussed that in an earlier video blog. So, the official NOAA outlook is back … Read more La Niña Impact on U.S. Winter 2016-2017 Snowfall

Anyone who has been in the Snow and Ice Management industry for even a short while is familiar with SIMA, the Snow & Ice Management Association.  This week we had a chance to chat with SIMA CEO Martin Tirado about SIMA and how SIMA adds value to the Snow and Ice Management Industry. We asked, “Why Should Anyone Pay to be a Member of SIMA?” Snow management professionals are not charities.  They work hard to protect the public during and … Read more Why SIMA, Why now?

Despite a sluggish start to early season sales of ice and snow removal equipment, confidence is starting to grow in the industry, creating some pockets of hope we might see a good year after all.  First, let’s look at why some people in the industry are struggling. Why the Snow and Ice Equipment Industry is Sluggish this Quarter Mild 2015-2016 Winter The slow start of early season sales is due to the very mild 2015-2016 weather.  Snow contractors did not … Read more Confidence Growing in Snow and Ice Removal Equipment Sales