Looking for a faster way to measure parking lots, driveways and sidewalks? Check out Go iLawn for a super simple property measuring and bidding tool. Go iLawn combines high resolution photographs, measuring tools and updated property information in one easy-to-use application. Save time and money by getting accurate measurements for bids from the convenience of your office! How does it work? Just enter an address, business name or street intersection to locate a property and Go iLawn will return a … Read more Fast & Accurate Measuring Tool for Snow Removal

Are you using a private weather forecasting service to help make sound decisions for your snow removal business? If not, it’s time to think about it and do the math! Will the Welder from Xtreme Fabrication talks about his years of experience and how private weather forecasting in our industry pays off. Check it out: Like Will says, if you can get private forecasting services for about $300 or so per month even as a small snow contractor, it pays … Read more Do the Math – Private Weather Forecasting Pays Off!

Check out the SnowWolf QuattroPlow. It gives you 4 functions all in one plow hook up: A snow pusher, an angle plow, a back dragging containment plow, and a wide angle plow! You’ll get greater flexibility, efficiency and effectiveness, all without any extra electric harnesses to hook up or additional controllers in your machine. Go from angle plowing, to straight plowing, to high-capacity pushing and lifting, to backdragging in a flash without ever leaving your machine! And here’s a total … Read more SnowWolf QuattroPlow: Four-in-One Snow Plow

Check out the long term winter weather forecast for 2019-2020 from Neoweather. A lot goes into long range weather forecasting like analyzing pressure patterns and different weather models. According to meteorologist Brian Ivey, an amplified western ridge of high pressure is likely to be a factor this season. Some previous years that resemble this pattern ended up to be MEMORABLE. Last Year’s Winter Forecast Review In 2018-2019 Neoweather did a pretty good job on their long range forecast. They predicted … Read more 2019-2020 Snow Contractor Winter Forecast

Ready for the first blizzard of the season? That’s right! Montana is going to get hit with snow again already and this time it’s seriously impressive and more wide spread. It looks like North Dakota will get the most crippling part of this snow storm but Montana, the Upper Rockies, South Dakota and Minnesota should be on high alert. We’re talking unseasonably cold temperatures and 4 to 12 inches of snow across most of those areas and up to 2 … Read more Blizzard in Montana & the Dakotas: Plower Forecast 10/9/19

That’s right! The SaltDogg Medium Duty MDS Combination Dump Spreader is the first combo body in its class to offer a fully electric drive option. This means installation is a snap because you won’t need to a plumb a central hydraulics system into your truck. Plus, a hydraulic drive option is still available if you prefer that instead. This all-in-one spreader and dump body combo unit keeps your fleet’s Class 4-7 trucks working all year round. It has 10 gauge … Read more SaltDogg Combo Body Dump Spreader has FULLY Electric Drive Option

Imagine “smart” snow markers on a property that will communicate with an app on your phone to help your company never miss snow plowing a property again! It’s not the future – it’s now! A Canadian tech company is rolling out a product called the “SnowM Marker.” It takes service updates out of human hands and manages them automatically instead for efficient and dependable real-time updates on when snow removal services are completed. SnowM Marker utilizes smart technology enabling the … Read more Never Miss a Property Again with Smart Snow Markers!

Winter Equipment has replacement push box shoes that can seriously lower your operating expenses! How? Instead of replacing the whole shoe, you can just replace the worn sections out. Plus these cast AR steel shoes are filled with Winter Carbide Matrix and engineered to last longer than standard shoes. That means lower overall costs to you throughout the life of the pusher box. Winter Equipment calls this replacement shoe system “MōDUS” and they have a modular design. It’s engineered this … Read more Pusherbox Shoes that Lower Your Operating Costs

Big news in the snow and ice control equipment world – Douglas Dynamics is adding 42,000 square feet of manufacturing space to their operations. Douglas announced that they are converting the 8.9 acre former Russ Darrow Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram car dealership building at 7676 N. 76th Street in Milwaukee into additional manufacturing space. The expansion was recommended for approval last week and the Plan Commission endorsed it. The building has been empty since this last summer after Russ Darrow moved … Read more Douglas Dynamics Expanding in Milwaukee

Caterpillar rolled out three new machines especially for the snow and ice management industry this fall. They are the new M Series Wheel Loaders, Skid Steer Loaders, and smaller Compact Wheel Loaders. Caterpillar machines are known to provide reliable snow and ice clearing power. By using Cat machines, you’ll be ready day or night to complete your jobs, fulfill your contracts and make more money without ever worrying about downtime. Cat Wheel Loaders Cat wheel loaders make your material handling … Read more New Caterpillar Snow Fighting Equipment