As we roll into August this week, we’re changing more than just the month on the calendar – watch for weather pattern breaks with some cooler temperatures and precipitation in some of the drought areas and hot spots we’ve been talking about over the past weeks. We’re keeping an eye on Tropical Storm Isaias this week, as it moves through the Caribbean and may hit parts of the East Coast. No major damage is expected as it isn’t predicted to … Read more Rain Where it’s Needed & Lower Temps Coming

As drought conditions continue in many parts of the country, we will see scattered rain this week in some areas to help out, but nothing that will blanket the dry areas. Brian Ivey also takes a look at what’s expected as we go into August. The Intermountain West has major drought conditions that extend to the Southern Plains. The last week brought some much needed rain to the middle portions of the country, but it’s still very dry across much … Read more A Mixed Bag of Spotty Drought & Rain Conditions

Typically July isn’t a month where we see a lot of rain – but 2020 is anything but a typical year. Not only is the heat dome sticking around, but there is more than average rainfall in most of the country. Check it out! Today kicked off with big time humidity and precipitation in the Midwest. Lots of rumbling and rain was in the air for folks living in Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, Illinois and Wisconsin. That system is strengthening as … Read more Who’s Getting the Heat & Rain?

Hey, if you thought this week was hot, next week will be even hotter in many parts of the country. The good news is some areas that haven’t seen much rain will get a good dousing. But the big news is the scorching heat! Check it out below! That’s right, the heat continues this week. Basically the entire country is experiencing highs between 80-110 degrees as the U.S. continues to cook. The big deal heat pattern will continue next week, … Read more Even Hotter Weather Coming!

Among other things, July 2020 is bringing on the heat. Most of the country will above average temperatures with the only exception being the Pacific Northwest. Check out Brian Ivey’s forecast (and his new Hawaiian shirt) in this week’s weather video! It’s a great week for most of the nation to head to the beach. The central and southern plains will have widespread triple-digit heat. The rest of the country will see widespread temps in the 80’s and 90’s. This … Read more The Heat is On! Will it be a Record Breaker?

There’s a monster dust storm whipping up a mess in the Caribbean that’s moving north towards the United States. It’s called a “Saharan Dust Layer” and it’s not something we see a whole lot in the U.S. but it actually happens a few times every summer worldwide. What is it and what will it do? Watch the video below or keep reading! So what’s up with the Saharan Dust Layer? It’s actually dust and sand particles pulled up from Africa … Read more Will There be a Dust Invasion? Find Out!

This week will start off with active weather and warm summer heat as Tropical Storm Cristobal moves up through the country into Canada. It is expected to continue on its path through the Midwest and western Great Lakes bringing the risk of heavy rain and possible tornadoes early this week. After Cristobal moves into Canada, we expect to see the potential for a line of severe weather in its wake. That system is predicted for Wednesday and Thursday as a … Read more A Dry Spell After Cristobal – For How Long?

If you are in the Upper Midwest, Kansas City region, or around the Gulf of Mexico, you are going to want to pay extra close attention to the weather this week. Storms are coming and some might be a bit concerning. See Brian Ivey’s forecast and a sneak peek at Summer 2020 expectations below. Today or tomorrow there is a risk of threatening weather in the Upper Midwest region including the Dakotas, Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, and the … Read more This Week’s Weather & Summer Forecast Preview

The heat continues from coast to coast early this week, with well above averages across the country until Thursday. Then some rain sweeps through the east Thursday and Friday. The weekend brings lots of sunshine, but we expect to see much cooler temperatures over the weekend. See all the details from Brian Ivey at Neoweather below! The unseasonably warm weather continues through today and into tomorrow across nearly every state in the Continental United States. Some areas are seeing well … Read more Weather Battle Royale: Spring vs. Summer

Get ready to watch the grass grow to new heights this week when most of the country welcomes bucket loads of rain and unseasonably warm weather. This week starts off with significant bouts of moisture coming up from the gulf running along the eastern portions of the country. Tropical Storm Arthur prevents that system from moving out to sea, so it hangs around dropping lots of rain and causing some flooding in the Tennessee and Ohio Valleys. Indiana, Illinois, and … Read more Widespread Rain Douses Most of the Country – See Details!