The 21stAnnual Snow & Ice Symposium kicked off in Cleveland, Ohio this year. It is by far the largest conference for snow and ice professionals. It’s the show to be at to see the latest products, trends equipment and service opportunities. Each year, thousands travel from all over to see the latest and greatest. This year was no exception to excellent attendance and exceptional products to showcase.  2,000 Attendees at Show Hundreds of companies, service providers, snow plowers, manufactures and … Read more The 21st Annual Snow & Ice Symposium

Boss introduced their Drag Pro rear mounted plow. This powerful new plow will have three models including an 8ft fixed wing, 8-12ft expanding wing and a 8-16ft expanding wing. The rear mounted plow was a request coming from their customers and distribution network. They have been wanting a back blade and new rear mounted plow.  Great Network to Pull From With their great distribution network and fans of the rear mounted plows, Boss knows they can deliver quality service parts … Read more BOSS Drag Pro Rear Plow Increases Productivity

Leading the way with new products is a great way to provide excellent service to customers. At the end of the day, we all need to fight the winter storm and keep the highways, roads and lots clear. Each new product release is an opportunity for companies to assist you and make each winter season better than the last. Swenson wants you to take on any challenge with ease, knowing that they strive each day to provide you with the … Read more Swenson Delivers with the EV Select Spreaders

Hiniker was originally just a manufacture of agricultural products. With snow and ice removal as a growing industry, they entered the market in the 1980s. In the 1990s they began making snow plows and recently are making a move into the skid steers. Skid steers are a growing segment and Hiniker is right there making their mark. The Latest from Hiniker The latest product from Hiniker is the Fox VersaPlow. This all in one plow is a snow pusher, back … Read more Hiniker – Fox VersaPlow

It’s important that we not only get the plow we need for the jobs we need to do, but also make sure that our trucks have the right capabilities. RAM Truck has been working on a dedicated lighting wiring for snowplows. Their commercial vehicle team specializes in interfacing with the upfitters that modify vehicles to do what they need to do. The dedicated lighting wiring is an important feature because snowplows essentially try to emulate the truck lights. When you … Read more RAM Truck Dedicated Snowplow Lighting Wiring

Sno-Way’s position in the industry has always been innovation. New, fresh ideas that are constantly evolving over time. They want to make sure their contractors can move more snow. If they move more snow, that’s more money in their pockets. Who doesn’t want to make more money? When you are able to take on more work and make more money, that means Sno-Way’s modern ideas are giving you what you need. Looking Ahead  As Sno-Way looks ahead, they are going … Read more Terry Wendorff, President – Direction of Sno-Way

It’s still summer! But for those of you who are impatient and cannot wait for winter to arrive, Neoweather is already prepping for winter this year and into next year. There is already enough data coming in that points to a shift. It appears winter is shifting from a la Niña to an el Niño. So, what exactly does that mean? Normally, when we have this transition, a blocking pattern often develops across portions of the east coast which allows … Read more Looking Ahead to Winter 2018/19

GM has been in the medium duty business in the past. They know that often times, plowing snowing isn’t always a customer’s primary job. They probably are in the landscaping or construction business in the summer months. So during the winter months, they want to put a plow on their truck to move snow or a spreader to throw salt down on the roads.  For any Vocation With that in mind, GM designed their Chevy commercial truck to fit upfit … Read more GM Medium Duty Engineered to Upfit

This year, we’re excited about Western’s brand new heavy contractor plow. In the past, this segment was served by their Heavy-Way, which is an older plow that did not have the Uni-mount platform or Fleet Flex Electronics. These improvements bring this plow up to the top of the list for larger jobs. Easy Installation and Removal The Western Pro Plus HD is an UltraMount® 2 for easy installation and removal, Fleet Flex Electronics for true interchangeability with a Pro Plus … Read more Western Pro Plus HD – Brand New Heavy Contractor Plow

New Engineering Group at Ford The Snow & Ice Industry is constantly changing and evolving. A main component is obviously your truck. Ford’s Commercial Vehicle Group has created a sub-group called Applications Engineering. This group is dedicated to improving Ford trucks in order to better serve the industry. Liaison for Product Development The Applications Engineering group has been connecting with upfitters to be their liaison with Ford’s product devolvement teams. This communication allows for Ford to hear directly what changes … Read more Ford Applications Engineering – Snow & Ice