Ross Hawley and Chris Hannan, senior marketing managers for Toro, talk about what’s new with the company at […]

As we speak with snow professionals across North America, SIMA and Snow Business have always been inspired not only by their business acumen, but also the quality of their character. We believe that the true value of a snow & ice professional includes serving the communities in which he or she operates or volunteering for causes that are close to their heart. Every year, the magazine features a special section highlighting three snow & ice professionals who take community involvement and … Read more Industry leaders give back

A Stainless Steel Tailgate Spreader is not what you would expect in a new product launch these days. Especially from a company that has never offered a tailgate spreader before. Hiniker is going “Old School” in bringing out a Stainless Steel Spreader that fits at the truck tailgate but amping up the offering with unique functional components. As a note for all the millennials – Stainless Steel Tailgate Spreaders used to be sold by the thousands. In this short video, … Read more Stainless Steel Tailgate Spreader – Old School, Durable and Unique

‘The Think Tank brought up many great ideas about standards that are needed in the industry. We’d like to build on the energy from the event, and launch one of those ideas sooner rather than later.’Take action now on best practices development: Fill out this form to become a stakeholder reviewer for Best Practices in Snow Procurement. Email any thoughts on industry standards and best practices. Sign up here to be one of the first to receive the final … Read more Action Alert: Help SIMA continue best practices development

The Fisher® HDX™ snowplow from Fisher Engineering offers an adjustable attack angle that can be set to 55 […]

Full Hydraulic Plow Specifically Designed for UTV Market The Sno-Way UTV plow offering is supported by a company that is using their great knowledge of building plows for light trucks to produce a better plow.  Sno-Way has been building plows for Jeep, Toyota, Ford, Dodge, Chevy and even Subaru since 1978. They have mastered the design and fabrication for plows that must meet tight weight and power restrictions and stringent Federal regulations. Using steels that are strong yet light has … Read more Sno-Way UTV Plow – Just What the Plower Ordered

The SnowDozer B.A.T. is a rubberized plow that is actually a green technology. According to Chad Van Laecken, the plows are made from mining tires that come out of the strip mines that are ten feet tall and they cut them in half. Then Snow Technologies will fabricate a bracket that mounts to those tires which turns them into a snow plow. These green technology, rubberized plows are designed to perform exceptionally in high-capacity snow moving work and do perform … Read more SnowDozer B.A.T. – Mining Tire Turned Snowplow

The Sno-Way 26R Offers Amazing Functionality for a ½ ton Truck.  As seen in this video interview, a plower makes quick work of an apartment complex with cars in the way and he never has to get out of his truck to get in between vehicles.  He actually scrapes down to the pavement using the patented Down Pressure Hydraulics on the plow. The dual hinge wings allow him to get very close to the vehicles and push all the snow … Read more Sno-Way 26R Review – Amazing Functionality for 1/2 Ton Trucks

Jeff Strong reviews the Rexroth Bosch 550 CS 550/150 Spreader/Joystick Controller for the Municipal Snow Removal Market The CS 550/150 has built-in WiFi and GPS capability that allows for GPS tracking, and wireless data transfer. The CS 550/150 is capable of controlling 4 spreader functions (spinner, granular, prewet, and 3 boom anti-icing), along 14 channel (plow, wing, hoist, scraper, tarp, …) hydraulics function control simultaneously.  Features Include: Full CAN-bus system Ability to simultaneously control spreader and joystick functions: Conv/Spinner/Prewet/Anti-icing/Auto Gate/Reverse … Read more Rexroth Bosch 550 Controller

Independent cab control of the spinner chute provides lane control from inside the cab.