‘Whether you’re looking for training in business, operations or leadership, SIMA’s robust resources can be applied to any organization for years to come.’ By Heather Carew Each year around this time your mailboxes become crowded with catalogs filled with images and descriptions of products that are JUST PERFECT for the upcoming holiday season. You might just throw these away or never actually see them because your kids snap them up so quickly, but that’s OK, because the best is yet … Read more Training: The gift that keeps on giving

‘It is inspiring to see the work that our members do to give back to their communities, both locally and globally, and it is stories like these that make our industry great.’By Elly LobelloSnow Business has many great issues and special sections throughout the year, including State of the Industry, Snow & Ice All-Stars, CEO of the Year and more. One of my favorites, now in its third year, is the Community Service Initiative. This special section highlights three snow … Read more Industry leaders focus on community service

‘Over the past three years, SIMA has undergone a complete marketing and communications overhaul.’ By Brian Birch, CAEOver the years, I have managed many projects for SIMA. Even in situations where a small group of people is involved, I’ve always been amazed at how critical good communication is in getting things done. We hear it all the time, but communication is key. Nowhere is this more important than when SIMA and its members seek to communicate to the core stakeholders … Read more Communication is the key to snow success

‘Coming into the 2014-15 winter, salt supply is limited and costs more. This combination has created challenges we’re not accustomed to facing.’By Martin Tirado, CAESIMA just concluded the second of its two Salt Summits. More than 150 combined attendees learned about the use and effectiveness of liquids and brines, chemical application rates, and what other companies are doing to better manage their salt supply. Anytime a group of snow contractors meets and exchanges ideas, good learning experiences are generated with … Read more Finding sustainable salt solutions

‘With a webinar on snow fighter safety, articles, videos and discussion topics, Snow Safety Week was successful in providing quality, helpful information on a variety of safety-related topics.’ By Ellen Kobach Last week, SIMA, Plowsite.com, and sponsors Boss Snowplows and Progressive Insurance produced the third Snow Safety Week at GoPlow.com. With a webinar on snow fighter safety, articles, videos and discussion topics, Snow Safety Week was successful in providing quality, helpful information on a variety of safety-related topics. As we … Read more Snow Safety Week review

‘Collaboration among Think Tank participants generated literally dozens of possible solutions.’By Phill SextonOn Aug. 27, facility and property managers from across North America, many having recently joined SIMA, gathered with fellow members in Detroit for the SIMA Think Tank. A first-of-its-kind collaboration between the two industries, the goal of the Think Tank was to provide a neutral forum where snow & ice management service providers and their clients could meet to identify common pains and to develop solutions together.  The … Read more SIMA Think Tank: Stakeholders find solutions together

‘There’s one additional consistent message I’ve heard on salt supply for contractors: Don’t wait until just before winter to search for salt…’By Martin Tirado, CAEI was fortunate to have the opportunity to attend two educational seminars hosted by SIMA members in the last week. Not surprisingly, both programs focused on the hot issue for this winter season: salt supply. The speakers were nicely diversified, from a major salt mining company, to the former executive director of the Salt Institute, a … Read more Thoughts on Salt

‘Fast-forward four years, and I’m very proud of the work that SIMA members and staff have undertaken to further the goals of reaching out to this key group.’By Laura Ingram, CSPOur company became involved with SIMA as a member about four years ago. At the time, the Snow & Ice Symposium was coming to our area of North Chicago and we figured we’d check out the association.We were impressed with our first show. At the time, there was a lot … Read more SIMA builds bridges between you and facilities managers