The Swiss Army Knife is a well-built, thoughtfully engineered multipurpose tool. Everyone’s heard of it because it’s so handy to have around. BuzzBox is the Swiss Army Knife of the snow and ice removal industry. The good folks at BuzzBox USA have developed a tool that has the potential to revolutionize your business and make you more productive, more efficient, and above all more profitable. BuzzBox is more than a heavy-duty, commercial sand and salt spreader. BuzzBox is a … Read more Introducing The BuzzBox: A Large Capacity Commercial Salt Spreader & Multipurpose Tool

GFS versus European Weather Forecasting Models at predicting Snow and Winter Weather Rob Guarino with the Weather Pros along with Snow Plow News reports on whether the GFS or European (ECMWF) weather model is the best model for guidance and forecasting. The U.S. has invested almost $24 million in its GFS (Global Forecast System) model, but the question is, will this prove to be a better tool at predicting weather outcomes than the next leading contender, the ECMWF? What is … Read more Snow & Ice Forecast – 12/17/15 – GFS vs EURO Forecast Model – Which is Better?

Rob Guirino reports for Live Weather Blogs, The Weather Pros, and Snow Plow News on the current status of El Nino, has it peaked? What is El Nino? Its been over 116 years since there has been no snow in upstate in New York this late in the season.  The El Nino weather phenomenon can wreak havoc with the normal weather patterns of North America, so watching the current status of an El Nino event is a constant activity for … Read more Snow & Ice Forecast – 12/09/15 – Has El Nino Peaked and How is It Affecting This Year’s Weather Forecast?

SnowPlowNews meteorologist Rob Gauirino  gives his prediction on the chances. He also deciphers the effects of a super el Nino at this time.  

Stihl released the BGA 100 handheld blower, the lightest in the Stihl line at 5.5 lbs. Operating at […]

‘We are always seeking new ideas, subject matter experts, and different perspectives for webinars, videos, interviews and articles.’Take action now on content production: Email with ideas on webinars or short videos. Email with article ideas or if you are interested in writing for SIMA in 2016. Review the content available at and give us feedback on what you think is missing By Brian BirchEach year, SIMA creates industry webinars, articles and videos. Our goal is to be … Read more Action Alert: Become a content producer with SIMA in 2016

Wing is the most sophisticated truck wing solution available in the market, according to the manufacturer.

Josiah Niemela Talks with Mike about BuzzBox’s multi-purpose project. Its great for spreading salt, but Landscaper/Snow Removal companies can use the Buzzbox year round. The BuzzBox is all of these: Salt/Sand Spreader, Dump Box, Chipper/Shredder and Leaf/Debris Vac.   Here are some additional bulletpoints from BuzzBox: Year-Round Versatility Short & Long Box Sizes Mild or Stainless Steel Universal Vehicle Mount 3/4 Ton Vehicles & Above Multiple Work Attachments Live Bed / Power Buckhead 1.7 to 4.5 Cu. Yd. Capacity For more … Read more Josiah Niemela Talks about BuzzBox’s Multi-Purpose Product

  Rob predicts a longer lake effect snow period and a later ramp up to pure winter. El Nino still in effect. In our third week, Rob Gaurino talks about the lake effect and  when winter will officially start. Lake snow lasts longer El Nino snow arrives in December Mild periods remain      

Mike Halloran from Halloran Power Equipment discusses the Ariens Power Brooms. The 28 inch brush and the 26 inch brush each have something different to offer. A message from Ariens: The Ariens Power Brush Series provides the same quality wheel drive system as the Ariens Sno-Thro. So, it also delivers the same powerful performance and long-lasting reliability. Use it in any season for any reason.​   For more Information go to