Mike Stevens of Snow Plow News talks to Michael Frank of SnowEx about their Luqui Maxx Product Line. SnowEx introduced their Liqui Maxx Brine application system at the last NTEA show. An extension of their dry application electric salt spreader line, the Liqui Maxx is made to get brine application into the hands of medium and large commercial snow and ice removal operations. We all know brine solutions are superior for de-icing and reduces salt usage as well.  SnowEx is … Read more Review of SnowEx Liqui Maxx Brine Sprayer

Mike Stevens with Snow Plow News corners Mike, the guy plowing the lot over at Snow Plow News, to find out how he likes his plow. Mike is plowing with a Sno-Way International 26R Blade using a Chevy ½ ton SUV. He choose the plow because it fit on his truck and because it has Sno-Way’s Down Pressure technology (uses hydraulic pressure to keep the blade hugging the ground). What is Mike’s verdict about the Sno-Way 26R? Mike likes the … Read more User Review of Sno-Way Snow Plow 26R

The Brine Extreme Product Line Mike Stevens of Snow Plow News talks to Clay Hildreth of Henderson Products about their Brine Extreme Product Line. Brine is becoming more and more of a buzz in the snow and ice removal industry as using brine can reduce rock salt usage by as much as 30% while at the same time having a faster and fuller impact on treated areas. That is a huge savings, but it takes equipment to make the brine … Read more Henderson Brine Extreme Reviewed

This edition of SnowPlowNews puts the camera on Doug Clark who describes the up and coming UTV IMPACT snowplows for Western. Western Products carries a full line of snow plows for commercial applications and light municipal operations. They also offer a range of hopper and tailgate mounted sand and salt spreaders, along with a full line of parts and plow accessories.     Western Planning New Entries Into The Non-Truck Snow & Ice Market   The news at Western is … Read more Western Developing New IMPACT Snow Plows For UTVs

A snow contractor’s job is never done until order is restored and the streets are back to black. Many of those hours restoring order happen in the dark of night. BOSS Snowplow offers two headlight systems, the classic SmartLight2 (SL2) and the recently released SmartLight3 (SL3) L.E.D. with Ice Shield TechnologyTM. Understanding both headlight systems will assist you when making a snowplow headlight purchase decision.

By Martin TiradoThe strong El Niño pattern across North America has created snow and ice storms in unlikely places and unusually warm weather in normally cold areas. SIMA’s tips on how to deal with winter weather were first published by local media in Albuquerque, NM as a result of Winter Storm Goliath, as opposed to Buffalo, NY whose warm weather set records.   Heavy rains are hitting drought ravaged California, little to no snow in the Northeast and Atlantic Coast, and arctic cold is … Read more El Niño Weather Brings Changes

We devised three unique property scenarios and asked a group of leading contractors to strategize how they’d tackle the accounts. Here are their plans of attack.

I hear this all the time from business owners, “We can’t find enough good help. And when we do find them, we can’t keep them.” It’s not uncommon to see ads like this in the classifieds especially during a particularly long winter. Maintaining A Reliable Workforce One of the biggest concerns in the snow and ice removal business is maintaining a stable, reliable workforce. Performing the work of snow and ice management is not easy. The hours are often at … Read more Staffing Shortfalls: Finding Workers To Fill Critical Positions In Snow & Ice Removal

In this episode of SnowPlowNews, Doug Clark shares the latest innovations in tailgate salt and sand spreaders from Western Products. Western is a well-known name in the snow and ice removal business. They’re located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and manufacture Contractor Grade snow plows, a variety of hopper and tailgate mounted spreaders, parts and plow accessories.     Western’s Brand New LOW PRO 300W Wireless Tailgate Salt Spreader The 300W is sure to become a popular winter item. It’s a nifty … Read more Western Products New Tailgate Salt Spreaders

In this edition of SnowPlowNews, Jason Sagorac of Casper’s Truck Equipment shows off some big snow moving equipment they brought to the APWA Snow Conference. Casper’s Truck Equipment Is A Leading Snow & Ice Equipment Distributor In Wisconsin Casper’s is a distributor for some well known snow and ice removal manufacturers like Henderson and J.A. Larue. Both the Henderson and Larue product lines focus primarily on the municipal snow maintenance market. Casper’s builds trucks for municipalities to keep public roads … Read more Casper’s Truck Equipment: Heavy Duty Equipment For Municipalities & Large Snow Removal Operations