Shawn O’Keefe, a snow removal contractor with Midwest Landscape Specialists, Inc., has been servicing commercial parking lots for eight years. With many seasons of plowing in Northwest Indiana, Shawn typically pushes approximately 40 inches of snow per winter. It’s easy to see that he has a lot of experience with snow management, especially because he has plowed with a BOSS for five of those seasons. When we asked what he loved about BOSS so much the answer was easy, and … Read more Meet BOSS Owner Shawn O’Keefe

    In the following video, Mike Stevens (SnowPlowNews) joins Ariens’ Joe Pope to discuss the 2016 Gravely Atlas JSV (Job Site Vehicle). This side-by-side UTV has an appropriate name. The Gravely Atlas Utility Vehicle is built specifically for the job site. The Atlas is the stuff of Greek legend. This machine isn’t holding up the sky, but it will hold just about anything else. The name implies that it’s a heavy lifter and it is. It’s definitely not made … Read more Rule The Job Site: The Gravely Atlas JSV Is Not Your Typical Utility Vehicle

‘SIMA’s four certificate programs have now joined the ranks of less than 50 organizations nationally who have achieved such accreditation.’By Elly LobelloTraining and education have always been an important part of SIMA’s mission and purpose. Our members consistently report that managing and developing their employees is a major long-term challenge for them. In 2014 we launched the Advanced Snow Management (ASM) certificate program to Build a Better Workforce. The ASM program has been a great success so far, with nearly … Read more Why can quality operations training can be a game-changer in 2015?

We recently surveyed BOSS Owners Group members and asked them to tell us about this past plowing season.  Here’s a summary of their responses:

‘Sharing best practices with others leads to effective group learning, business growth, and establishes a relationship of friends you can count on to help you.’By Martin TiradoGrowing up in the 80’s, I recall the catchy song “Talkin’ Baseball” by Terry Cashman. It felt right as when you’re a kid, during summertime, hanging out with friends, it doesn’t get much better than chatting about a sport you love. So now that we have businesses to grow, sales to make and strategies … Read more Why do SIMA members need peers to hold them accountable?

‘SIMA underwent a thorough review of the show’s structure after June of last year, and we set a goal of simplifying access and registration to the show and its key events.’By Kaitlyn HerbstThe Snack and Chat roundtable discussions at the Snow & Ice Symposium are typically one of the most important pieces of the annual show, especially on Thursday and Friday. If you aren’t familiar with Snack & Chats, they are a special event at our annual Symposium where snow … Read more Why SIMA Killed the Saturday Snack & Chat

‘It is always fun to read all of the different submissions, and all of the challenges, triumphs, and unique stories that are just waiting to be shared.’By Elly LobelloFor the fifth year in a row, SIMA and Snow Business are running the Greatest Story Never Told contest. It is always fun to read all of the different submissions, and all of the challenges, triumphs, and unique stories that are just waiting to be shared. In the past 4 years, the … Read more 5 years of snow & ice industry stories

As anyone in snow and ice management knows, the selection of deicing material and equipment can be complicated and varies greatly by personal preferences and experiences. For those new to the industry finding straightforward answers to basic questions regarding the use of deicers can be somewhat of a challenge. There is much debate about what materials to spread and which equipment to use. If you find yourself needing assistance when choosing spreading materials, use this blog and infographic to help … Read more Deicing Material & Spreader Equipment Selection Guide

‘The future can be full of promise provided we come together as an industry to fight for the greater good and protection of snow professionals.’By Jason Case, CSPThe last few years have been very exciting and challenging in the snow industry. We have all seen record-breaking snowfall, salt shortages and insurance issues, but have persevered despite a struggling economy. Today is a new day, as our industry has evolved and is now being taken seriously by property owners, legislators and … Read more Help define the future of the snow industry

    In this presentation, Mike Stevens (SnowPlowNews) visits with Mike Halloran (Halloran Power Equipment) to discuss the Power Brush. Whether you are a homeowner or a commercial snow removal professional, a snowfall means you have a busy day. As a homeowner, the time you spend clearing off your drive and sidewalks is time taken from more profitable endeavors. As a professional snow removal contractor, you know that time is money. A snowfall means plenty of work to be done. … Read more The Ariens Power Brush Makes Snow Removal Quick and Efficient