In this episode of SnowPlowNews, Greg Blanken talks about the beefy new Meyer Road Pro 32 Snow Plow. The Road Pro 32 is Class Heavy Weight After much testing and development, Meyer Products introduced the Road Pro 32 snowplow. The purpose for this line was to reach the larger contractor and municipal customers with a product that is beefier than anything in it’s class. They refer to this plow as the toughest guy in the neighborhood and it just might … Read more Meyer Road Pro 32 Snow Plow For Large Snow Moving Jobs

In this episode of SnowPlowNews, Doug Clark runs down the particulars of the new large capacity, stainless steel salt spreader line offered by Western.     According to Doug, the market for hopper spreaders is about 50/50. Half of end user purchases the poly spreader, and the other half purchase the stainless steel variety. Poly is a more corrosive resistant material making it a popular choice amongst contractors. Western’s Tornado line of poly-hopper salt spreaders makes a fine choice for … Read more Western Products Stainless Steel Line Of Large Capacity Insert Salt Spreaders: The Striker

SnowEx introduces the first completely automatic snow plow attachment system. Michael Frank, SnowEx Product Marketing Manager, walks us through the new system. The company, SnowEx, was started by snow and ice contractors. Their product lines implement innovations that make that obvious. Their focus on durable, easy-to-maintain equipment is what helps keep operators on the road working. Fewer moving parts means fewer breakdowns.     Automatixx SnowPlow Attachment System     The all new, fully automatic attachment system by SnowEx makes … Read more The New SnowEx Automatixx Snow Plow Attachment System

In this episode, Doug Clark talks about the all new Western spreader controllers available on their new line of salt spreaders.     Run Accessories & Spreader Controls With One Controller   Western’s new controllers allow users to operate all of their accessories, along with material flow, from one controller. If the unit is hooked up to the accessory board, it will control worklights and other accessories without having additional switches in the cab. This is a handy, convenient, easy-to-use … Read more Western Products Introduces A New, Enhanced V-Box Spreader Controller

Mike Stevens of Snow Plow News talks to Andy McArdle of Fisher Engineering about their new Stainless Steel V-Box Spreaders. With the introduction of the “Steel Caster” line of durable Stainless Steel V-Box spreaders, Fisher has eliminated its old line of steel spreaders. While in many ways the spreaders share some of the same qualities of the earlier lines, the new options and features are really what set these new spreaders apart from what has come before from Fisher Engineering. … Read more Review of the Fisher Stainless Steel V-Box Spreader

Mike Stevens of Snow Plow News talks to Andy McArdle of Fisher Engineering about their new HD2 and HDX snow plows. When we saw the newly released Fisher Engineering HD2 and HDX plows, we saw the popular HD plows Fisher fans love with beefed up frames and a full line of accessories. Fisher HD2 Replacing the HD Series With the introduction of the HD2 plows, Fisher Engineering intends to eliminate its popular HD product. They have beefed up the frame … Read more Review of Fisher Engineering HD2 and HDX Plows

Mike Stevens of Snow Plow News talks to Jeffrey Hess of Sno-Way Intl. about their Poly V-Box Spreader Line. While we have known Sno-Way to come early to market with many industry innovations, the opposite is true for their Poly V-Box Spreader. Years after the first poly v-box was introduced, Sno-Way took their time to design something they knew the market was going to love. Driving a Cadillac at Chevy Prices They have priced their unit to compete with the … Read more Review of SnoWay Poly V-Box Spreader

Mike Stevens of Snow Plow News talks to Jeffrey Hess of Sno-Way Intl. about their UTV Product Line. Two Years of Great Success The Sno-Way UTV product line was introduced two years ago and has been a bigger hit than they thought it was going to. Primarily installed on Kubota and John Deere UTV’s the Sno-Way UTV plows work with equipment from seven different manufacturers. Why Have an UTV Plow? Most people use the UTV plows for residential driveways or … Read more Review of UTV Plow by Sno-Way Intl.

Mike Stevens of Snow Plow News talks to Michael Frank of SnowEx about SnowEx’s plans for the future. SnowEx has become bold, saying it intends to be one of the largest players in the snow and ice removal industry. Indeed, SnowEx took a huge step forward into the snow and ice removal industry when they jumped into building snow plows for the market. Formerly, you only saw a SnowEx product on the back end of a truck, and now they … Read more SnowEx Plans to Dominate Snow and Ice Industry

Mike Stevens of Snow Plow News talks to Michael Frank of SnowEx about their Brine Pro Product Line. We all know that the ability to apply brine as a pre-treatment or as a deicing agent is both superior and cheaper than applying dry material. Yet the problem has been the cost of the equipment to start using brine that made it not worth using. It is not just the cost of the brine equipment itself, but the hookup as well, … Read more Review of SnowEx Brine Pro Brine Maker