Despite a sluggish start to early season sales of ice and snow removal equipment, confidence is starting to grow in the industry, creating some pockets of hope we might see a good year after all.  First, let’s look at why some people in the industry are struggling. Why the Snow and Ice Equipment Industry is Sluggish this Quarter Mild 2015-2016 Winter The slow start of early season sales is due to the very mild 2015-2016 weather.  Snow contractors did not … Read more Confidence Growing in Snow and Ice Removal Equipment Sales

Snow Is Coming! We are coming up on October and we have already passed the earliest recorded snow fall in some parts of the country (Minneapolis, Sept. 24th). The question on everyone’s mind is, how much will it snow this year? Yes, we know that La Nina is weak or even non-existent, but for those of us in the industry, those white flakes can shimmer like gold. Don’t talk to me about La Nina, tell me how much white gold … Read more Of Big Snows and First Flakes

Industry Spotlight: Blackline Snow Plows Blackline Snow Plows is known for making their niche market plows that are designed to work hard on ATVs, UTVs, Mini-Trucks, and even Zero Turn mowers.  The question is, how does a little snow plow manufacturer survive in an industry with such big names as Douglas Dynamics and Toro?  They survive at being really good at something the big dogs are weaker in. Blackline strives to be really good at snow plows for a wide … Read more Niche Snow Plow Manufacturer Survives in a Sea of Giants

  Record Breaking 2nd Quarter for Douglas Dynamics After record breaking second quarter sales of $113.8 million (up from $107.1 million in Q2 of last year), Douglas Dynamics has announced a $0.235 per share cash dividend this quarter.  This payout is the same as the other dividend payouts in 2016, up $0.012 from last year and it comes on the heels of a forecast that has been revised upward with more sales expected than they thought just a few months … Read more Douglas Dynamics Dividend & What it Means

Do More Hurricanes Equal More Snow? With a very active hurricane season, many people wonder if that pattern of storms will continue into the winter.  It turns out there is little correlation between the hurricane season and the winter season in North America. Weather Calming in the Fall As we see the big hurricane pattern continue to churn in the Atlantic, the continual storms allowed in by the weaker weather patterns in the west will die out and we will … Read more What do Hurricanes Mean for Snow?

What is the Snow Removal Service Liability Limitation Act in Illinois? Simply put, this new law in Illinois prevents the passing of liability from the property owner to another party for snow/ice removal related lawsuits.  This means that property owners cannot transfer risk from themselves to a snow removal contractor for a snow or ice related incident (like a slip and fall lawsuit) on his or her property.  The law is meant to protect all parties with the side goal … Read more Illinois Passes Snow Removal Service Liability Limitation Act

  It is time to place your bets on what the winter weather outlook will be like for the 2016-2017 winter season.  We will be looking at several popular weather forecasters, writing down what they say winter will be like, and tracking to see how accurately they forecast. We are going to keep this post updated over the next few months while we check in to see how accurate the major players will be.  In the running this year is … Read more Winter Weather Outlook Accuracy Tracking 2016-2017

Traffic Safety has fantastic Pre-Season specials on Western Plows and Spreaders. This is a promo price not available via internet search so click the link here for details – EOS plow spreader sale 2016 – Quantities are limited so call soon for more details.   In order to purchase follow this link for more info  or call 201-327-6050 Traffic Safety has been selling snow plows and spreaders longer than most shops in the East Coast and provide excellent service.    

Rob discusses the impact of climate change and global warming on future El Niño and La Niña patterns.  Read further to find how large the impact can be… Global Warming & Climate Change Are Hot Topics: How Does It Affect Us? The debate over climate change and global warming is ‘heating up’ and a topic for many water cooler conversations. Politicians use it to change rules and policy. How does it effect you and me though? 1. Is global warming … Read more Does Global Warming & Climate Change Affect El Niño?

Buying a Snow Plow at the End of the Season Saves You Big Money Think about it. If retailers have old inventory they have to Store the Inventory in a clean, safe place so it looks like new to the final customer six months from now Pay the manufacturer for the inventory on the shelves Pay to insure the inventory to protect against theft or damage Keep track of the inventory for proper accounting Hope the manufacturer does not change … Read more Why You Should Buy a Snow Plow at the End of the Season