Fall’s arrival marks the beginning of increasingly cold air sweeping across the nation, and of course, that means the potential of the first snows in parts of the Lower 48. How early it can snow in your area depends on simple factors such as geographic location and elevation as well as weather patterns from year-to-year. For some, the record earliest snow is in September or even late August, while others haven’t seen the first flakes fly until November.   Read more at: https://weather.com/storms/winter/news/2018-09-20-earliest-first-snow-records-united-states

Buy Your Snow Plow Now to Beat the Price Increase You can expect Snow Plow prices to go up as we get closer to winter.  You may have heard the US is in a trade war with China and that trade war is making the price of steel skyrocket.  That change in steel price is forcing some manufacturers to adjust their prices for every order of plows a dealer receives (as a steel surcharge added to the order). We have … Read more Buy Your Snow Plow Now to Beat the Price Increase

Replacement for Fisher MC Line has Arrived Fisher has deep roots in personal plows for homeowners, but commercial plows are their larger market. Their new commercial line, HC, is a replacement for the long running MC plow line. While products need to be revamped, Fisher understands that you don’t always need to start from scratch. That is why they took all of the features and benefits that made the MC line successful and put them in the HC line. Accessories, … Read more Fisher HC Plow Line Replaces Successful MC Line

Chevy Silverado 4500-6500 Plow Ready Trucks The Chevy Silverado 4500 is ready for you to start plowing! This new truck starts at 15,000 lbs. and goes all the way up to 22,900 lbs. The capacity of the Chevy Silverado 4500 speaks for itself. The truck is also available in 2-wheel drive or 4-wheel drive. This easy to drive truck also features a regular cab or crew cab depending on your fleet needs. Increase your productivity with Chevy’s new plow ready … Read more Chevy Silverado 4500-6500 – Plow Ready Trucks

Organization is Key Time to get organized. Mills Insurance wants to make sure you are the most organized contractor out there. Documentation standards are something you as a contractor need to keep up with. There are so many resources out there for you to utilize. Monitor Everything Rally your team together and start going through your documentation standards and how they hold up to the industry standards. Be sure you are monitoring everything you are doing. Photos, time-stamps, logs etc. … Read more Mills Insurance – Documentation Standards

Rest Easy with Pre-Planning Get your insurance plan in place. Plain and simple you need to plan ahead and you need to do it now. When you have all of your insurance needs put to bed well before your season starts, you can rest easy. The rest of the job is what you know how to do and its why you’re in this industry. Don’t Sign before Your Insured! When your insurance is in place well before you sign any … Read more Mills Insurance – Get your insurance plan in place

Pro-Tech is built on a solid foundation of quality, durability, customer service and high performing products. The value of their units can be seen through their passion for snow and ice management. Innovation and durability set them apart. Contractors are critical in the snow and ice months and you can be sure that Pro-Tech will back their products with performance. New Features Pro-Tech latest product is the Snow Blade for Skid Steer. This straight blade plow now comes with wings. … Read more Pro-Tech Snow Blade for Skid Steer

We’ve all been there. Every snow storm is another guessing game. When should we put the salt down, when will the snow stop? There are so many options for finding out the forecast. Some are reliable, while others are not so accurate. Make Decisions With Ease Neoweather is a consulting agency that provides specific weather forecasts for those that need to make decisions based on the most accurate information. They send detailed PDFs to your email with what could be … Read more Neoweather – Customized Weather Forecasts

Schmidt leads the way with technology for v-box spreaders in the industry. Specifically with their B50 Schmidt Statos. Looking for more control of the material you are spreading? The capability of the Schmidt Stratos Spreaders is top-notch. Their spreaders give you the most control of what direction your salt, sand or any elements you are spreading goes. You’re in charge and have complete authority out on the road. Safety is Top Priority Safety is another major concern for Schmidt. Distracted … Read more Schmidt Stratos Superior Spreaders

Prepping for a winter storm. What’s your first move? Probably keeping an eye on the forecast at all times leading up to the event. If you don’t have the most accurate information it can be difficult to get ready To Pre-Treat or Not to Pre-Treat Neoweather has had multiple clients tell them they have gone out and looked at the situation at hand and were unsure if they were really going to get as much snow as was predicted. The … Read more Neoweather Makes Storm Prep Easy