‘There is a global push from an environmental perspective to hold the snow & ice management industry accountable for using salt more efficiently. Those who start now win.’     By Phill Sexton Over the past 3 years, SIMA has helped lead an academic research study to help us understand best practice application methods and more precisely begin to calculate rates of salt that are both effective and efficient for facility-focused snow management – the initial … Read more Reducing over-reliance on salt

‘Strategically, SIMA is working to shake the industry up and build a better, safer, and more efficient workforce.’ By Brian Birch, CAE As SIMA has grown, we’ve built and launched many training events and products over the years. Recently we launched the Advanced Snow Management program, after literally years of project work and discussion.   The thing that has surprised me is that many snow professionals don’t necessarily value training in snow all that much.  Our surveys over the years … Read more Why don’t snow professionals value training like other industries?

Let’s face it snow plows are bound to encounter obstacles.  Those obstacles could include manhole covers, curbs, frozen snow banks and everything in between.  If you have been snowplowing for any period of time, you could probably add a few other items to that list.  Obstructions and obstacles are one of the unavoidable dangers of snowplowing. As such, snow plow manufacturers design and build snow plows with trip protection technology to help protect the plow and truck from damage.  The tripping … Read more A Comparison of the BOSS XT vs DXT

‘A well-managed, well-respected certification program can add significant value to an individual’s credentials and help differentiate them in a tough market.’ By Ellen Lobello Earning your Certified Snow Professional (CSP) designation is a major accomplishment that reflects personal and professional growth. The commitment to apply for the exam, study the material, pass the test, and then maintain the certification is not to be taken lightly. Over the past year, SIMA has taken significant steps to help ensure insurance providers and … Read more Certification as a Marketing Asset

What Kind of Job Are You Doing? The type of job you plan on doing will play a huge part in the type of plow you chose. Generally, if you are plowing a heavy amount of sidewalks, which are very narrow, you’re going to want a smaller plow. You’ll want a plow that will clean the entire area without going over the edge of the sidewalk. BOSS offers a four foot ATV plow that is ideal for sidewalk use. Wider … Read more What Everyone Ought to Know Before Purchasing an ATV or UTV Snow Plow

The ASH Group, owner of Swenson Products and Meyer Products, has announced a leadership change of their North American division on June 13th, 2017. Eric Larsen, formerly the president of Swenson products, is taking the reigns as part of a broader restructuring of the Zurich based ASH Group. Larsen brings 12 years of experience with Swenson Products with him to his new post. Before that Larsen worked in several consumer products companies. Larsen is also active in several positions with … Read more New Leader of ASH North America

Money is on the Table Waiting for Contractors to Collect Snow Removal Contractors should get certified in ISO 9000 because it could mean saving thousands of dollars every year.  Do I have your attention?  I admit, I was skeptical of this movement convincing contractors to go get ISO (pronounced Eye-So) certified.  My background started in manufacturing, serving in ISO certified manufacturing plants for both General Electric and SPX Corp.  I can even attest authoring my fair share of ISO documents. … Read more ISO 9001 Certification Saves Snow Removal Contractors Big Money

  Review & Compare Snow Plows: Boss DXT VS Western MVP3 Follow Snow Plow News and stay current with snow and ice industry news, reviews, weather, equipment and more! Here’s another Boss vs Western battle to warm up your winter. Check out our online Interactive Comparison Charts to get a handle on how your favorite plow compares. Or, use this tool when it’s time to start shopping for new plows. Comparing The Boss DXT With The Western MVP3 Snow Plow … Read more Review & Compare Snow Plows: Boss DXT VS Western MVP3

Milwaukee – The January thaw comes to an end this week. As early as tonight and Tuesday, a wintry mix hits the northeast. That means work! Here are the areas most likely to see 3-6 inches of snow and sleet:   The area in blue can expect 3-6” of snow and sleet. This includes northcentral Pennsylvania, most of upstate New York, Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec City. Midwest Gets Snow Too Snow is not just confined to the northeast. Snow returns … Read more Get Off Your Rear – Snow Back in Forecast

Milwaukee – Is it warm where you are?  If you live in most of the United States and Canada, it probably is. The western United States, western Canada and Alaska are the only locations with below average temperatures on January 18th. After a cold beginning to 2017, the temperature tables have turned and we are looking at a week or more of warm temperatures. And this isn’t slightly above normal warmth. This is potential record warmth for some locations. In … Read more Melting Away in the January Thaw