In any business it’s important to maximize effectiveness. In snow and ice management that’s minimizing slip and falls and making your accounts as clean and presentable as possible. Maximize efficiency and save time and money by using all your tools in the toolbox. Save Time & Money Down the Road Use of anti-icing and de-icing products should really be a consideration when your in this business. Let’s discuss liquids. Using less material while killing more ice and snow, that’s a … Read more Using Liquid De-icers

There are a few plows on the market that allow a plow to apply downward pressure along the cutting edge of the plow.  Let’s talk about why you would be interested in this feature and compare some of the products currently available. With the products we reviewed, there is one clear winner in this race.  If you are interested in the benefits of downward pressure, be sure to read the reviews. Why Would I Want Downward Pressure on My Snow … Read more Comparing between Boss D-Force®, SnowEx ScrapeMax®, and Sno-Way Down Pressure®

Sno-Way has extended their instant retail rebate promotion through December 31, 2018. The rebate is up to $500 on select plows. INSTANT RETAIL REBATES!!! SEE YOUR PARTICIPATING DEALER NOW. $500.00 Rebate 32 Contractor Series Plows 29R Series Plows 29VVHD Series Plows 29HD Series Plows 29THD Series Plows Revolution HD Plow $300.00 Rebate 26R Series Plows 26 Series Plows $150.00 Rebate 22 Series Plows Program dates are 10/1/2018 thru 12/31/2018 VALID ONLY AT PARTICIPATING DEALERS. NOT AVAILABLE IN CANADA, MT WY … Read more Save up to $500 on Sno-Way Instant Rebate Promotion

Deals Ending Soon Winter is near and there are many great  deals in play. has put together a list of promotions running  this month so you can find them all in one easy location. Score a deal now before it’s too late!     Sno-Way $500 Rebate Program INSTANT RETAIL REBATES!!! $500.00 Rebate for 29 32 and Revolution HD. $300.00 Rebate for 26 Series Plows. $150.00 Rebate for 22 Series Plows. Program dates are 10/1/2018 thru 12/31/2018 VALID ONLY AT PARTICIPATING DEALERS.  … Read more Get a Deal Before Winter Arrives

The 29VHD is a flared-wing Vee plow with features and benefits that are not matched in the industry.   This top of line V-Plow is 8ft wide and includes double acting wing cylinders. These double acting wing cylinders give contractors max force in the forward or back position. If the features of the plow aren’t enough, the 29VHD is eye-catching and draws positive attention. Get the job done with an exceptional looking V-Plow. Sno-Way’s 29VHD Flared Wing V-Plow still operates with … Read more Sno-Way 29VHD Flared Wing V-Plow

  MADISON HEIGHTS, Mich. –SnowEx has announced the winners of its “Plow On Your Terms” Giveaway. The three selected entrants were Salvatore Nazzaro of Barto, Pa., John Finn of South Bend, Ind., and Wayne Marquette of Nashua, N.H. Winners were able to select from the full line of SnowEx plows. Nazzaro chose a Heavy-Duty (HD) model plow, whereas both Finn and Marquette selected HDV™ V-Plows. Overall, SnowEx gave away more than $25,000 of equipment. The winners will take delivery of … Read more SnowEx Announces “Plow On Your Terms” Giveaway Winners

Snow and Ice managers can greatly help out their operation by knowing what Mother Nature is most likely to do. An accurate and detailed weather forecast makes a huge difference in helping you keep slippery risks off your roads, lots and sidewalks. Unfortunately, you can only get a truly accurate forecast by getting a custom forecast.  Weather Apps and Regional News Forecasts don’t tell you what is going to happen with adequate precision.  SIMA and the Accredited Snow Contractor Association … Read more How To Choose Your Weather Provider

LTA Manufacturing, manufacturer of fiberglass truck caps, tonneau covers and cargo management products, today announced the promotion of Matt Blais to Vice President of Sales and Marketing. He will be responsible for the sales and marketing of the company’s four brands: ATC Truck Covers, Ranch Fiberglass, Jason Industries and LoadMaster. “Matt has been a key part of our success, and we are thrilled to promote him to this important position,” said Rick Willis, President of LTA Manufacturing. Headquartered in Kansas … Read more LTA Promotes Matt Blais to VP

Pittsburgh is poised to update its online snow plow tracking program with a new global positioning system, officials said Wednesday. City Council unanimously approved a three-year, $1.4 million contract with Minnesota-based Quetica LLC in a preliminary vote. A final vote is expected on Tuesday. The company will provide fleet tracking, route optimization and navigation services for about about 120 plows. Read more at:  

Time to break out the snow shovels. With the first snowstorm of the season making its way through the Front Range on Sunday, Boulder residents once again are being reminded to clear their sidewalks of snow. Boulder requires residents to shovel their sidewalks 24 hours after the snow stops. The National Weather Service indicated the last recorded snowfall was at 1:54 p.m. Sunday, which means residents have until 1:54 p.m. today to clear their sidewalks. Read more here: