In the video above, Will Fries at Xtreme Fab, covered the Fisher Steel Edge Storm Boxx Pusher Plow at the 2019 NTEA show. It was back in 2013 that Fisher Engineering introduced their Storm Boxx Pusher plow, a big versatile pusher plow with a rubber cutting edge.  This year, they finally unveiled the Storm Boxx with a steel cutting edge at the NTEA Work Truck Show. Tyler Jones, a Fisher Engineering Product Manager, quipped, “”Our customers asked, and we most … Read more Fisher Steel Edge Storm Boxx Pusher Plow Review

The Farmers’ Almanac has locked in its forecast for the 2019-2020 winter season, and they predict, and I quote, a “Polar Coaster winter ahead.”  What does that mean, anyway?  It means, they expect frigid temperatures and average-to-heavy precipitation this year, but, more importantly, they also expect some big temperature swings this winter. What we love is the very precise language that gets used on their forecast page.  Speaking of the Eastern HALF of the US, they make the prediction, January … Read more Farmers’ Almanac Forecasts a “Polar Coaster” this Winter???

In the video, Will Fries at Xtreme Fab takes a look at heavy-duty wear skids for snow throwers and box plows. Wear parts are often a pain in the tail side for snow contractors, especially when the wear part was cheaply made in the first place.  With a snow plow, you at least have options for replacement cutting edges.  You can choose from a few different materials and often have a choice between OEM cutting edges or a replacement parts … Read more Heavy Duty Skids for Snow Blowers and Snow Pushers

Why is Snow Plow News at Events like the 2019 NTEA Show? So you can see new products like: SnowDogg MDII & VMDII Series Upgrades Buyers New MDS Series Dump Body with slat spreader Boss Snowrator Stand-on Plow & Spreader System Boss Exact Path ATV Drop Spreader Sno-Way UTV Srop Spreader Sno-Way 26V for ½ Tons Bonnell Industries Front Mount Patrol Wing Bonnell Industries Heavy Duty Front Mount Hitch SnowEx Helixx Poly Hopper And Many More! A lot of great … Read more 2019 NTEA Show Coverage

The Snowcaster sidewalk shovel allows you to cut a lot of time removing snow from sidewalks.  The Snowcaster basically took the design of a snow plow blade and applied it to a shovel.  About as quickly as you can walk, the Snowcaster shoves snow to the side of the clearing path, and it does a nice job cleaning down to the concrete.  The Snowcaster was made to be both extremely easy to use and durable.  It is geared toward the … Read more Snowcaster Sidewalk Shovel Review

Will Fries, owner of Xtreme Fab, gave us a tour of the Sno Power Pull Plow.  A pull plow is mounted on the back of your truck which is exactly where trucks are designed to take a lot of weight.  These plows were inspired by farm implements many years ago and allow you to gain some additional efficiencies. Used as a stand-alone plow or in conjunction with a plow on the front-end, they can move a lot of snow.  The … Read more Sno Power Pull Plow Review

Berlon Industries of Hustisford, Wisconsin, announced John Slawson is their new CEO this year. Berlon Industries is a manufacturer of attachments for a variety of common landscaping equipment like skid loaders, wheel loaders, utility tractors, and even trenchers and mini skid steers.  Berlon offers a lot of attachments not available from OEMs and is known for the rugged durability of its product. Slawson has an extensive background in manufacturing and plans to bring a “lean manufacturing culture” to Berlon.  A … Read more Berlon Industries Hires New CEO

We interviewed Tom Krick of Hi-Way, maker of road maintenance equipment, so he could tell us what is unique about the Hi-Way Xzalt Precision Applicator. The Xzalt uses a directional spinner to apply material to the road in different spread patterns.  With the integrated pre-wetting system, it creates less material bounce and better road adhesion of the salt when it is spread.  A simple control system allows operators to adjust the spread pattern, which can be symmetrical or more important, … Read more Hi-Way Xzalt Salt Spreader Review

Bob at Hiniker showed us their new Torsion-Trip Scoop Plow.  It is a scoop plow with 20° fixed-angle outer ends to capture snow so you can push a lot of snow all at once.  Hiniker built the plow to still allow full angling, giving you the opportunity to windrow if you want as well. You can buy the plow with 8’ or 9’ blades.  It has a full width steel cutting edge (also available with a rubber cutting edge).  Since … Read more Review of the New Hiniker Torsion-Trip Scoop Plow

Will Fries from Xtreme Fabrication reviewed the brand-new SnowDogg “High-Speed” Expressway Municipal Snow Plow for us.  Xtreme Fabrication is both a large snow plow dealer in Maryland, selling plows from several different manufacturers, as well as a snow removal contractor.  They use the plows they sell. Buyers products set Will up with the new High-Speed Expressway plow which he mounted on an Oshkosh Plow Truck.  Will was impressed with the results. It is a full trip plow with a carbon … Read more SnowDogg Expressway Municipal Snow Plow Review