Official Southeast Long Range Winter Forecast 2019/20

The long range weather forecast for the Southeast region presents a colorful map. Let’s start with the delightful news: If you are in or are going to Florida, this winter is expected to be warm and dry compared to past winters. Yay Florida! However, the rest of the Southeast region is expected to either have lower than average temperatures or frequent “swings” of both higher AND lower than average temps across the middle of the region. Want details on the national long range forecast or other regions? See other long range forecasts from Neoweather in the Snow Plow News blogs.

2019/2020 Long Range Winter Forecast: Southeast

Let’s go back to Florida and relish in that a moment… The southern half of the state will have lower than average precipitation. So not only will Florida be warm this winter, but it will be dry! Time to book your flight for around January if you live up north!

The rest of the Southeast is a mixed pot of different conditions. The northern Tennessee Valley and Smokey Mountain areas will experience the edge of the frequent Canadian clippers and get some snow. The East coast storm track covers Eastern North Carolina and coastal areas where there will be much higher than average precipitation and some snow, especially inland.

2019-2020 Southeast Region Long Range Forecast Map
2019-2020 Southeast Region Long Range Forecast Map

Most of Dixie will get the “swings” that cover much of the country where Neoweather expects weather to bounce back and forth from both higher and lower than average temperatures. This includes most of Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina. Expect both warm and cold air, wet and dry weather – just depending on the storm track.

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