Official Plains & Deep South Long Range Winter Forecast 2019/20

What’s going to happen this winter in the Plains and Deep South including Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas and Louisiana? Robert Carroll of Neoweather shares his long range winter forecast for this region in the video below. Neoweather’s team determines their forecast using a variety of weather models that have been the most reliable over the years. If you have an interest in other long range forecasts, there are plenty to see in the Snow Plow News blogs with national forecasts as well as other long range forecasts for different regions.

2019/2020 Long Range Winter Forecast: Plains & Deep South

Neoweather is forecasting that most of the Plains and Deep South will experience swings of colder than average and warmer than average temperatures this winter. There will be a frequent swing back and forth between those two conditions in Kansas, most of Missouri, Arkansas and parts of Oklahoma and the Texas Panhandle. They will get rain, ice and even some snow as the weather swings back and forth.

The rest of Texas and New Orleans will have warm and dry conditions for much of this winter. A drought is even likely according to Neoweather.

2019-2020 Plains & Deep South Region Long Range Forecast Map
2019-2020 Plains & Deep South Region Long Range Forecast Map

Neoweather specializes in private weather forecasting specifically for the snow and ice management industry and works closely with Snow Plow News to help our readers. If you’d like more long range forecasts be sure to check out other weather forecast blog posts from Neoweather brought to you by Snow Plow News!