Official Mid-Atlantic Long Range Winter Forecast 2019/20

Plenty of snow and cold is expected this winter in the Mid-Atlantic region. Check out the video below for Neoweather’s long range winter forecast for the Mid-Atlantic. They are expecting higher than average lake effect snow up in Erie, Pennsylvania with frigid temperatures in the middle of the region that will lock in and stick around this winter. The coast is on an active storm track this season that should equate to frequent precipitation with rain near the immediate coast and snow inland. Love long range forecasts? See more by reading Snow Plow News blogs for nationwide and other long range forecasts for different regions.

2019/2020 Long Range Winter Forecast: Mid-Atlantic

Neoweather expects some significant ice events in the Mid-Atlantic again this year, especially across Virginia. This is relatively typical for the region and definitely expected this year as well with all the precipitation coming up the coast where it meets the cold and frigid air.

Mid-Atlantic Long Range Map 2019-20
Mid-Atlantic Long Range Map 2019-20

The lake effect snow is the weather news to watch this year. Northwestern Pennsylvania is expected to receive above average snow fall.

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