New Spreader Design Trumps Competition

The Sno-Way RVB Spreader | The Best Poly Spreader on the Market

The key factors is in combining a poly spreader with a controller that can be dialed in to control auger and spreader motor separately along with a revolutionary, patent-pending inverted vee. Some of the materials that Sno-Way has successfully spread are bulk salt (dry and wet), quarry sand (dry and wet), mason sand, salt/sand mix, magic salt, calcium chloride, pea gravel and bagged salt.


The short chute or long chute is an easy on/off connection with spring loaded clips. This feature allows you to remove the chute to quickly unload remaining product in the spreader or pull a trailer with the spreader left in the bed of the truck.

A single unique wiring harness supplies all of the power to the spreader from the battery with a water-tight Deutsch connector with a seal to connect to the hopper. The harness on the hopper is fully wired so as you add accessories like the vibrator, light, or wetting system with no cutting or splices needed, just plug and play and you are ready to operate the accessories.

The Patent-Pending Inverted Vee is Super Key…

By adjusting the inverted vee to match the material you want to spread you now can spread all the materials found in use throughout the U.S., Canada and Europe. With the inverted vee adjusted correctly, you can maintain a flow rate between 2 to 3 cubic feet per minute of output. If you want more output on salt you can increase the output to 4 to 6 cubic feet per minute. This can be accomplished because the smart controller can manage the flow rate – providing the best spread pattern in the industry.

The auger is 3 inch in diameter to deliver approximately 2 plus cubic feet per minute of material to the spinner. That flow can be changed by adjusting the inverted vee to allow more material onto the auger. The inverted vee system is unlike any other system because it’s fully adjustable. The system can be adjusted so you can allow more material to flow into the auger. An example would be using sand as the spreading material. Since sand tends to pack together, you can open up the baffle and vee which will promote the sand to flow onto the auger delivering a consistent amount of material onto the spinner for spreading the material. If you need to flow dry bulk salt, you would need to close off some of the baffles and adjust the inverted vee to reduce flow to the auger allowing consistent output to the spinner. At the end of the day, this system will save you time and material which means money in the bank.

The spreaders are offered in six sizes 10 cubic feet through 2-1/2 yard capacity. This spreader was designed with the professional user in mind; many features and benefits that will make life easy for the user. The roto-molded perimeter hopper with ribbed sides mounted to a stainless steel frame gives the unit the structured needed to withstand the loads the unit will be subject to when the unit is in use.

The unit comes standard with a top screen to keep large clumps of material or rocks from getting into the hopper. This will help prevent the large clumps of material or rocks from jamming the auger system and stopping the material flowing to the spinner.

The unit to has stainless steel cross supports on top of the hopper to attach the screen and the hold down brackets. By adding this bracing you will not put added stress on the hopper body when you tie down the spreader to your truck. This system will eliminate the bowing out of the sides of the hopper that you notice on some units that mold the hold down brackets into the hopper.

The shape of the spreader hopper is designed to promote the high flow of material that is put inside of the spreader. The angle of the side helps material flow into the auger for a smoother, consistent, output from the spreader. The ½ hp motor/gearbox that turns the auger is sized to handle the load that the spreader requires. The motor gearbox is mounted in a protected molded cover to reduce the chance of damage and protect the motor from the elements. The 1/3 hp motor that turns the spinner is mounted inside of a molded cover to help protect it from the elements.

For those that like a vibrator on their spreader, the vibrator system can use single or dual mounted vibrators. The vibrator unit or units are placed in locations on the spreader that will have the biggest impact on the material you are trying to flow.

One of the big advantages of having an electric dual poly spreader with an auger drive is the reliability and the maintenance of the unit. On the maintenance side there is just less that can go wrong.

The spreader is designed to allow you to remove the auger completely from the spreader to make it easy for maintenance. All you have to do is remove a few plates and slide the auger out of the end of the spreader. This makes servicing the auger, bearings, auger motor and the trough very easy.

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