New 1/2 Ton Plow from Arctic Snowplows

Arctic Snowplows introduces the new SD2-90P plow for the 1/2 ton truck market. Snow Plow News reviews what features make this new plow great.

September 4, 2021 | Emma Tyborski

The SD2-90P from Arctic Snowplows is designed for ½ ton truck market. This Canadian manufactured galvanized plow has a 1/4″ poly moldboard and has been redesigned to allow for greater ground clearance; taller lift frame and unsurpassed strength. Weighing in at 475 pounds the SD2-90P is heavy enough for tough snow jobs, but light enough for most 1/2 ton trucks. The easy on off system; heated LED plow lights; reflective logos and handheld controller make seeing and using the SD2-90P pure pleasure. Below are a few other features that make the SD2-90P a great new snow plow.

Steel Cutting Edge

This Arctic snowplow is able to cut and lift hard packed snow and ice with the 3/8″ x 6″ non reversible steel cutting edge.

Laser-Cut Steel Ribs

The SD2-90P features 5 laser-cut steel vertical ribs that reinforce the friction-less poly moldboard.

Curved Deflector

The 6″ curved deflector helps to roll the snow and keeps it down on the blade and away from the vehicle’s windshield.

Quik*Link® IV Attachment

The Quik*Link system easily locks the blade, power angling and lift frame assembly to the mounting kit assembly, using a spring loaded handle.

Galvanized Steel Frame

The SD2 90P snowplow frame is hot-dipped galvanized steel. This type of coating provides added resistance to abrasion, water and rust, making this plow virtually maintenance free.

Full Size Tension Springs

This Arctic plow is supported by full size tension springs. The springs are attached to a 1/4″ thick boxed quadrant that fixes to a double leg 2″ x 2″ boxed tubing A-frame with 1″ easy to remove king bolt.

Arctic has been building the toughest plows since 1969. Arctic builds their snowplows to be long lasting and the lowest cost to own and maintain over time. Are you ready to step up to the True North Strong products? Check out or ask your dealer how to get an Arctic!

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