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Neoweather is a popular choice for customized, private forecasting services built specifically around the details that snow and ice management professionals need to know. But what makes their services valuable? Check the top three ways they help snow contractors more than generic weather apps!

November 9, 2021 | Dawn Krueger

1. Neoweather is listening to snow contractors and constantly adjusting to YOUR needs.

Customer service is huge for the Neoweather team. They focus on YOUR industry and are listening to feedback from snow contractor clients. They invest a lot of time into enhancing their services to make the information better, more accessible and to fix anything necessary. Each year they fix things that their team and customers don’t like. They are always working to make their services more user friendly. In fact, they have a new dashboard rolling out soon for clients to log in and get all their customized forecast information online with ease.


2. They take a personalized approach to weather.

This might be where Neoweather stands out the most. They make it a priority to provide individual support in a close knit environment that can never be replicated by large, global weather services and apps. Simply put, Neoweather is experienced and fully invested in the snow and ice management industry. They know what factors are important to YOU for making good staffing, equipment and product decisions for YOUR business and YOUR specific service areas.


3. Neoweather’s small team is ultra-dedicated to weather!

Global forecasters and meteorologists have huge staffs and an anonymous audience. They don’t talk directly with their customers like we do. They don’t truly understand your business. They can’t! They are too big. Neoweather’s team is hard working with an enormous passion for weather and personalized service. They love going to trade shows and other events to build relationships with their customers. That’s one of the ways they can keep on top of new ideas and services to help snow contractors. “We geek out with talking about snow and ice,” says Brian Ivey from Neoweather. Their team realizes the impact snow and ice has on businesses so they find their work very fulfilling to be able to be so helpful to clients.

Neoweather’s team is hard working and passionate about weather! Check out some of our other blog post about Neoweather.

Looking for accurate weather information to help make better decisions for your business? Consider Neoweather’s private forecasting services. They provide custom forecasts and reporting that focuses specifically on the snow and ice management industry. They also focus specifically on your service areas, not just on large metropolitan markets.

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