Meyer Road Pro 32 Snow Plow For Large Snow Moving Jobs

In this episode of SnowPlowNews, Greg Blanken talks about the beefy new Meyer Road Pro 32 Snow Plow.

The Road Pro 32 is Class Heavy Weight

road pro 32 on jobAfter much testing and development, Meyer Products introduced the Road Pro 32 snowplow. The purpose for this line was to reach the larger contractor and municipal customers with a product that is beefier than anything in it’s class. They refer to this plow as the toughest guy in the neighborhood and it just might be.

Meyer built off the success of the lighter duty Lot Pro design and significantly increased it’s stature. Using the heaviest in class 10 gauge steel for the moldboard, it weighs in at a hefty 900 plus pounds. This plow is built for heavy usage and it’s rugged nature makes it well suited for the task of moving lots of snow.

This plow is not made for lightweights. It fits the 1-ton market up to F550 class trucks, or around 26,000 GVW.

road pro 32 on truckMeyer has given the Road Pro 32 a flared out or highway design for improved snow throwing and stacking capabilities. They refer to this design as ‘bow tie’ or ‘angel wings’, but nothing about this plow suggests anything other than heavy duty, manly, and rugged. It just doesn’t strike me as being heavenly or something you’d see at a cocktail party. No matter where you look at this thing, it’s begging to rumble. Where’s the snow?

Outstanding Features On The Meyer Road Pro 32
  • Road Pro 32 Snow PlowHeavy-duty construction – eight vertical ribs for strength and rigidity.
  • Built from 10 gauge steel.
  • Built for 9,300 – 26,000 GVW trucks.
  • Available in 8ft, 9ft, and 10ft lengths.
  • High performance hydraulics – uses Meyer’s E-72 hydraulic system for up/down/left/right motion or for use with the truck’s central hydraulics.
  • Ground Tracking Technology – Allows the plow to pivot and follow the road.
  • Heavy-duty rams – 2inx10in rams absorb impacts. Full trip.
  • Adjustable snow shoes – allows for adjustable cutting edge so gravel isn’t a concern.
  • Industry best 5 year warranty is bumper to bumper and includes commercial applications.
The Road Pro 32 Has Serious Hydraulics

A-RoadPro-32_RamsThe Road Pro 32 is outfitted with 2inx10in heavy-duty hydraulic rams that absorb the shock of hitting unseen obstacles while plowing. It also provides for exceptional angling capabilities. This a far more robust design and again beefier than anything else in it’s class.

Ground Tracking Technology

Meyer has also added their Ground Tracking Technology to this plow. The pivot A-frame design oscillates up to 12 degrees. This allows the plow to compensate and adjust to the contours of the road and makes for more efficient one-pass plowing.

For more information on the Road Pro 32, contact a dealer nearest you or visit the Meyer website and compare for yourself.

Brent Jarvis for SnowPlowNews