Meyer Provides Great Plow Options for Homeowners, Fleets and Municipalities

Snow Plow News talks with Greg Blankenheim, Director of Sales for Meyer Products about the magnitude of plow options for different types of snow and ice control operations.

August 31, 2022 | Emma Tyborski

Meyer products are made for three different classes of people that purchase snow and ice control equipment, the homeowner, the contractor and municipalities.


Individuals with a long rural driveway that wants to maintain on their own and self-managed properties, as well as business properties to limit slip and falls.


These fleets can range from very small, maybe two trucks to hundreds of trucks and vehicles.


These are the people that open up roads and keep the streets safe for endless hours in the worst conditions.

Meyer products are a great fit for the person that’s taking on one or two units. Meyer absolutely values this kind of business, even if it’s a one-time sale and the product is on their truck for the next decade or they’re going to grow into a contractor. Meyer ensures this value through their dealer network. Meyer dealers truly care about those individuals whether they’re small or the largest contractor.

Meyer customers such as a contractor and municipalities, really like that Meyer products are fleet friendly, but also come with the five-year industry-best bumper-to-bumper warranty, even for the most tenacious work environment. Meyer is all about making sure that they keep their products on the front of trucks, so those people in turn can keep our roads safe and clear.

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