Meteorologist Rob Guarino Reports On Coming Nor’ Easter & Lake Effect Snow

Meteorologist Rob Guarino reports from Syracuse for a SnowPlowNews update highlighting the week ahead on the East Coast and Great Lakes region.



Lake-Effect Snow Dumps 13 inches On Syracuse And Region

For the next couple weeks, the Great Lakes, Cleveland, Detroit, Michigan areas can expect more lake-effect snowfall as cold arctic air continues to breed these conditions. Thirteen inches of snow has already fallen in the Syracuse area and more is on it’s way. Some of these areas may face some challenging road conditions as road crews fight to keep up.

The East Coast Continues To Attract Attention As Arctic Oscillation Ramps Up

NOREASTERKeep an eye on the East Coast in the coming weeks ahead. We’ve already mentioned the expectation of a big snow fall coming for the area. Arctic oscillation has the potential to bring snowfalls next week for the northeast; DC, up to Portland, and down through Boston and Philadelphia. This isn’t the big snow we’re expecting, but it could be enough to make an impact.

The northeast could end up with a small nor’ easter storm early next week (January 18th or so) depending on how this develops. Then, expect the possibility of a larger nor’ easter storm pushing through on the 22nd. It’s not a guarantee, but it’s looking more likely. Since these storms are usually stronger between September and April, it makes sense to be prepared.

Any snow can make road conditions messy. This could be enough to make it challenging. Please watch out for road crews and contractors as they could be out in the midst of the storm trying to clear the way for travelers.

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