Metal Pless Plows are Mega Versatile!

Here’s your chance to learn more about the Metal Pless brand of snow plows if you aren’t familiar with this work horses! These plows come in a zillion sizes with a virtual endless amount of features to help you in every winter weather situation. Need a live floating edge? Got it. How about tilting? Yup. Maybe you want hydraulic wings to turn the plow into a pusher. You bet! Backdragging? Of course! Metal Pless plows have it all whether you need a 5 foot, 10 foot or even a 45 foot blade, they’ve got it. And Metal Pless makes their plows for any type of equipment too.

Check out the Metal Pless brand of snow attachments

Metal Pless designs its plows with a unique shape that allows them to push a greater amount of snow further, using less horse power. Metal Pless plows also have a patented universal subframe that is 40% lighter than similar products from other manufacturers and their plows can be fitted to almost all varieties of trucks and tractors.

The patented Liveboxx pusher from Metal Pless is a popular choice for many snow contractors. It can be installed on a skid steer, backhoe or wheel loader. It has a “LiveEdge” soft drive mechanical steep trip edge with heavy duty 24 inch sections. The steel trip edge goes up and down with the imperfection of roads tightly, reducing up to 50% of your salt usage. The fixed wings of this pusher have self-leveling abrasion shoes with a wear plate.

Metal Pless Liveboxx trip edge
Metal Pless Liveboxx pusher trip edge

Since 1976 Metal Pless has been designing, manufacturing and distributing snow plows and graders. They currently have 22 different models of snow plow and pusher attachments. Different sizes and models fit tractors, wheel loaders, skid steers, backhoes, heavy duty trucks, pickups, sidewalk vehicles and graders. Their products are innovative, versatile, dependable and built with the highest quality in materials and workmanship. Metal Pless is a leader in the snow and ice equipment manufacturing. They are known for exceptional durability, high resale value, low maintenance costs, lightweight products and extraordinary customer service.