Spray Smarter with SnowEx

Make snow and ice management easier, quicker and more cost effective with the SnowEx BrinePro 2000 and LiquiMAXX Sprayer System. Give snow and ice the one-two punch when you add these SnowEx products to your fleet.

The Liqui Maxx de-icer spray system from SnowEx comes in a wide range of tank sizes and fits many types of vehicles, whether they are large or small. It can handle most commercial jobs and it is a versatile and valuable tool in your winter maintenance toolbox. SnowEx thought of everything on this one with their modular design. You can set this spray system up however it makes the most sense for YOUR application needs. It has an interchangeable tank, pump and boom assemblies, it can be customized to just about any truck size and it allows for individual component upgrades. You can also get this sprayer with standard or deluxe control operations. With the deluxe control, the Liqui Maxx can use optional GPS speed sensor to calculate the ideal application rate and then automatically adjust the flow rate as needed. It features 3-zone spray capability. It also has an optional electric start that conserves fuel and lets the operator start and stop the engine and operate the choke right from inside the cab.

The BrinePRO 2000 from SnowEx takes the guesswork out of making brine and helps contractors confidently make their own brine. It has user-friendly operation, automatic salinity control and easy no-splash salt refilling. Plus, the system works with low-flow water input and 220VAC electrical sources that are available in most shops. You also gotta love the touch-screens on this brine maker! It has an intuitive full-color touch-screen with three modes: automatic, batch and cleaning. It also has multiple language capabilities. The BrinePRO 2000 also comes with a hammer mill salt grinder that creates consistent particle sizes to quicken the dissolve rate and make clean-outs faster.

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